Saturday, 13 December 2014

Muslims Thank Uruguay

As a British Muslim one of the few things I know about Uruguay is Luis Suarez!

However, as a Muslim I respect their decision to help Muslims who were held without charge at Guantanamo Bay. It's a really heart-warming decision which other countries could learn from. Well done Uruguay!

Here's what Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi said about Uruguay's kindness:

While many Arab and Muslim countries participated in the CIA's brutal and inhumane torture program, none of them petitioned on behalf of the prisoners in Guantanamo, and it was left to the South American country of Uruguay to welcome a batch of released prisoners into their land:

The prisoners were transported in US planes blindfolded, chained and handcuffed, but the authorities in Uruguay insisted that they not be taken out of the plane in such a manner, and that they should be completely freed even before exiting the plane.

Upon release, they were immediately given free health check ups, housed in free apartments, and job offers began to pour in. Crowds cheered as they saw the detainees and welcomed them to their new land.

I have never been to Uruguay, but after reading this, I know that I need to pay them a visit!!

One of the detainees thanks the Uruguayan people

“Were it not for Uruguay, I would still be in the black hole in Cuba today,” said the letter. “It is difficult for me to express how grateful I am for the immense trust that you, the Uruguayan people, placed in me and the other prisoners when you opened the doors of your country to us.”

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