Thursday, 20 July 2017

Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend Under Pressure From Muslims and Christians - Unable to Defend Robert Spencer and Usama Dakdok Relationships

Brannon Howse is under pressure from Christians. He's had many Christians on social rebuke him and dismiss his right-wing in-your-face political Christianity. It's up to the Muslims to reach out to people like Brannon Howse and help talk them away from political Christianity. I'm glad there are Christians like this lady emailing Muslims and letting us know that they find the right-wing, anti-Muslim political Christianity people like Usama Dakdok and Brannon Howse propagate problematic.

Before I share what a Christian lady sent me about Brannon Howse I want to take this moment to address Brannon's response to my highlighting of the clouds of distrust around Usama Dakdok on the internet and Christian concerns about promoting Robert Spencer. Brannon failed to address either of the issues. He wrote on social media:

This U.K. Muslim is attacking Usama Dakdok in this article. Usama's daddy started churches all over Egypt and his family was persecuted and his brother kidnapped and beaten for three days by Muslim Brotherhood as a hostage. They wanted the Blind Sheik to be released so they kidnapped Christians college students that included Usama's brother. Of course this self described muslim apologist in the U.K. is trashing on Usama and me and Spencer. I have known Usama for years and he is the real deal. As for Robert Spencer; he is an expert on Islam and a real gentleman.

Concerning Robert Spencer, his knowledge, or lack of knowledge about Islam, has nothing to do with what Theodore Shoebat highlighted as Spencer criticising conservative Christians for having traditional stances against homosexuality. Brannon Howse needs to focus on whether he is promoting pro-homosexual advocates by inviting Robert Spencer on his show. I suspect Theodore Shoebat would say he is. Tackle the issue Brannon, the conservative Christians in your audience would want you to ask Robert Spencer about his alleged Catholicism and his views on homosexual marriage and homosexuality in general with regard to religion. Spencer is also on record saying Islam leads Muslims to lead fine and moral lives, do Usama, Brannon and Worldview Weekend's audience agree with the "expert" on Islam here? Labelling him a gentleman and expert does not answer the issues raised in my post, Brannon. You know this.

It's likewise for the criticism of Usama Dakdok. Firstly, Dakdok could be making all that up concerning Egypt (he doesn't seem to be have a high regard for truth and accuracy) . And even if he was not making that up about his "daddy" it has nothing to do with Usama Dakdok and the clouds of doubt and dishonesty hanging over him. Brannon says he's known him for years, so what? It's immaterial to the criticism of Dakdok. Again, address the issues raised about Usama Dakdok rather than skirt around them.

Let's see what a Christian lady had to say about Brannon Howse via email communication to me.

Here's her first email to me

I am a Christian but appalled at Howse. He’s constantly going on about how all Muslims are deceiving us. Ok, even if I allow that so what? How does that change how we are to behave toward Muslims? It doesn’t.

After claiming you are all lying to us, then he goes ahead and posts your articles as proof that James White is a dupe being used by Muslims because you are supporting White. Has he not applied his own rubric to your posts? To him you can’t possibly be telling the truth because you’re a Muslim! I guess this just shows that his standard of truth is himself.
It makes no sense at all.
Anyway, thank you for trying. I enjoyed the Qadhi discussions with White and hope to hear more of them. Even if he was lying. ;-

[Note, I suspect she is joking about Yasir Qadhi lying...mocking the right wing Christian bigots who attacked YQ and JW after the event]

My response:
Thanks [her name is censored]

And I appreciate your sense of humour. I think Howse is politically charged and is playing up to a narrow spectrum of American evangelicals. As a Brit, it is difficult to understand the way nationalism and faith mix in *some* American Christian circles.

If you have any questions about Islam or want to chat to s Muslim regarding faith please don't hesitate. We care deeply for Christians and feel a closer connection to them than secularists.

Her response in part:

Howse, by many reports that circulate behind the scenes from former colleagues, is an angry, opportunistic and punitive person behind the scenes even to Christians, as you can see from his behavior the past few weeks. And as far as his broadcasting/speaking approach he seems to be wanting to emulate Alex Jones.

Sadly I think the ‘narrow spectrum’ to which you refer is a bit wider than I used to think. I am pretty sure I would have been in that spectrum not too long ago.

I grew up with the nationalism and faith mix myself, and only when I started using some good Christian home school materials did I start realizing that the American system wasn’t really “Christian” but “human enlightenment.”

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