Monday, 3 June 2013

Another Israeli Military Scandal: Female Israeli Soldiers Losing their Dignity

Looking at the cruelty and the recent lack of discipline of the Israeli army makes one even more worried for the Palestinians.

Folk are making light of the Israeli Facebook scandal but shouldn't normal everyday people who have some concern for the Palestinians be alarmed further? Of course. At the end of the day, these are the occupiers of Palestine. These are the type of people who are inflicting terror, death and torture on Palestinians. And here we have Israeli female soldiers showing an utter lack of discipline, brains and dignity whilst representing their army.

Do you really trust these folk with Palestinian prisoners or when they are patrolling towns and villagers? If they cannot even preserve their own dignity why would they care about the dignity of Palestinians?

Here's an example of the Israeli soldiers having no regard for Palestinians:

Outrage at video of settlers shooting at Palestinians 'as Israeli soldiers watch'

Israeli settlers are seen opening fire on Palestinian villagers in a video posted online as soldiers stand aside, doing nothing to stop the shooting.

The footage, filmed by local Palestinian women hiding in their homes on the outskirts of Asira village, captures the moment a group of Israeli settlers, some masked and armed with guns, descend from their hilltop settlement on Saturday.

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Radical Moderate said...

Great video really shows just how stupid the Palestinians are. Really throwing rocks at people with Guns?

Serious Darwin Award winners here.

Anonymous said...

Israeli army girls are used for PR.