Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chris Hedges: Sam Harris Considers a Nuclear First Strike on Muslims

Sam Harris in 'The End of Faith' advocates a nuclear first strike on any Islamic regime which acquires long range nuclear arsenal. Erm, the only country to have used such weaponry is a Christian nation namely the United States of America.

Chris Hedges likens the extreme atheist movement to the Christian right.

Sam Harris: Nuclear First Strike On Muslims

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Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

I think there will not be a nuclear strike because the NT says that the Antichrist will build a Temple in Jerusalem.

That would be impossible if several million Muslims(but not 1.5 billion Muslims) are killed by a Western or (more probably,an ISRAELI) bomb.Because the Antichrist is supposed to bring world peace and yet,assuming he is a non-Muslim,how is he going to convince the Muslims to allow a Jewish Temple to be built?


In another post I said that in the Olivet Discourse Jesus said to his disciples:

"Many will come in MY NAME saying EGO EIMI(I am)"(God's name).

I argued it is to be taken LITERALLY,otherwise I would be practicing Double Standards.

And I gave 3 examples of groups that accepted Jesus as a prophet/holy man and where somebody was also considered to be God Incarnate or a god.

They are:

1.The Druzes
2.The Rastafarians
3.The Mormons

And with the possible addition of the founder of the Taiping/Supreme Being movement in China,who claimed to be the younger brother of Jesus.


I was listening to a debate between Sam Harris and Chris Hedges and he mentioned what is a FOURTH EXAMPLE.

1.In south India there was a Hindu guru called Sathya Baba Said who died in 2011.

2.He had MILLIONS of followers.

3.He said he was born of a virgin and GOD INCARNATE/a living god.

4.And he also accepted Jesus as a holy man,a messenger of God.

Radical Moderate said...

Let me just go on the record again.

I am against using nuclear weapons to solve the worlds Muslim problem.

I am for isolation, containment and allowing Muslims to practice all the Islam they want on themselves.

The solution to the Muslim problem is Islam.

Muslim Zeal said...

Muslim Zeal here,

Started a new blog iA! Keep your eyes peeled Bro Snow!

Anonymous said...

radical tell ur Christian bros not to go nuclear