Saturday, 8 June 2013

'Eternal Erections'? Muslim Explains So Christian missionary and anti-Muslim perverts stop embarrassing themselves

Folks this is the internet which is awash with perverts and Islamophobes. However, what happens when these perverts are in fact Islamophobes? You get the ‘eternal erection’ distortions being presented to bash Muslims and Islam.

So what’s this all about you may be asking? It appears disingenuous folk on the net are focussing on a quote/s from an Islamic scholar’s comments on Paradise. This is the quote that is banded about:
"Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [ie Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetising vaginas."

As you can imagine, the insincere will be fixated on the term ‘eternal erection’ without trying to contextualise and come to an understanding of what it’s referring to. Further still, the Islamophobic pervert may well propagate this quote and misrepresent it and leave the reader/listener to go away with the idea that men will always be in a state of erection.

So what is the exegesis here? Firstly, yes as Muslims we believe we do have physical sensations in Paradise so food, drink, conviviality and sexual intercourse will all be present in Paradise.

This scholar is simply showing that intimate relations in Paradise will not have the same issues as we do right now in this life.
'Eternal erection' phrase is referring to a man's ability to have sexual intercourse never diminishing

So knowing that Paradise is eternal and sexual intercourse occurs in paradise the question of whether a man’s ability to have intercourse will wane over time in Paradise (ie ability to have an erection wanes and ceases as we age in our earthly lives known as erectile dysfunction). So this ‘eternal erection’ term is simply referring to the ability for a man to have sexual intercourse never being lost in Paradise (despite Paradise being eternal). Similarly some men experience erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse; this will not be experienced in Paradise.

Having understood this, we see this should not be presented in the way mischievous folk on the internet are doing (some of whom are Christian missionaries). Men of course will only be in a state of arousal (erection) when with their partners (intimately) and not all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Radical u r a hater

Anonymous said...

I have only recently,just today,found out Yahya Snow began posting again.He had not posted for so long I stopped checking months ago.So I checked some of the most recent posts,like 20 of them.

I want to comment on one about a video where David Wood dressed as a woman,partly at least.

1.The Mosaic law against it doesn't apply to Christians.The NT says clearly Mosaic law is no longer in force.

2.Even if it were in force,it would only apply to Jews.In Judaism Mosaic law is only for the Jews,it has always been only for the Jews.

Checking articles and comments in Paul William's "thebloggingtheology" blog a Christian said he didn't eat pork and Williams said that then he wasn't following Jesus since Jesus' followed Mosaic law.

Again,Mosaic law is not for Christians,and certainly Paul Williams,as a student of Judaism and Christianity,has read about it.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add it is I,Minoria,the one who commented on the David Wood video.

Greetings to you Yahya,glad you got a good rest and are back in the blogosphere

Me said...

u r mad coz yahya pwns shamouns and wodds

Anonymous said...

Anthony rogers refuted

Anonymous said...

Yahya Snow said...

Hello Minoria,

I hope you have been well. I hope to interact with you on Paul's blog.

Thanks for the welcome back.

Minoria, I have a serious question for you. You say cross-dressing is no longer prohibited by the Bible?


@ All those who had comments deleted. Please note this is not the playground for people who have no contribution but immaturity.

The post should be sufficient for those who are sincere.


Radical Moderate said...

Snowman you wrote...

"The post should be sufficient for those who are sincere. "

I agree it was more then sufficient keep up the good work.

Minroa Snowman also invited me to interact on Williams blog and then turned around and asked to have me blocked lol.

So beware

Yahya Snow said...


Don't lie.

When did I ask for you to be blocked?

Paul blocked you because you were trolling.

Brother RadMod, is this what you want t do with your life? Troll Muslims?

I invite you to visit this link and seriously look into Islam with an open heart. God willing I will pray for you after the night prayer tonight.

Please brother:

Yahya Snow said...

RadMod also see the latest post which has been reblogged here:

Brother, now is the time to ask yourself serious questions


Me said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yahya Snow said...

@ 'Me'

I have deleted your comment. You were championing some internet missionary who has been repeatedly exposed on this blog in the past:

I'm not sure if you are that particular person or not.

However, regardless of whether you are him or just a guy who supports him vocally/financially I can tell you to watch this space as debate challenges will soon be issued.

Me said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yahya Snow said...

@ 'Me'

Just watch this space.

Please watch this video Gospel of John too:



Anonymous said...

Yahya Snow is perhaps one of the most timid and the least intimidating Muslims I have ever witnessed. He is so deathly afraid of open dialogue and debate that he deletes comments faster than Muhammad could have his critics assassinated. I have repeatedly refuted him here and he keeps deleting my comments. He then turns around and mutters empty claims about challenging people to debate, something he has run from ever since he first pretended to be a defender of the least defensible religion on the planet. If he is to be believed that he is going to finally come out of hiding and debate someone competent, then why is he deleting comments now? Does he think he will be able to do that in a debate? If you can't do it here, then you won't be able to lift a finger in debate. He should save his empty hype and rhetoric for the gullible followers that make up the Islamic ummah.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:
Hello Yahya:

Since in the NT Mosaic law/the Mosaic alliance has been replaced/fulfilled by the New Alliance/testament of Jesus and it says nothing about what constitutes male or female dress codes then yes,it is allowed,or at least not condemned.

In Scotland the traditional skirts worn by men for centuries would fall under wearing women's clothing today.But Biblicaly it would not be forbidden.Just because of a law in the OT that the NT says has been replaced?

Radical Moderate said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yahya Snow said...


Brother, thanks for the response.

However, I believe you are mistaken here. I mean, surely cross-dressing is not allowed in Christianity?

Let me illustrate this with another example, in the OT bestiality (sex with an animal) is forbidden:

Exodus 22:19 “Whoever lies with an animal shall be put to death

Now are you telling me, through your belief in abrogation this is allowed now?

What about other prohibitions in the Old Testament? Are they allowed now (if not specifically condemned in the NT)?

I believe you are mistaken on this issue. I believe cross-dressing is not allowed for a Christian.

I would put it to you, this is one type of confusion a Christian now faces due to their complete acceptance of the New Testament books which Jesus never saw or read.


I'd ask you to take a leaf out of minoria's book. He can conduct a dialogue in a polite and non-offensive way.

You can too...when/if you drop your current bad attitude.

I deleted th insulting comment of yours however I have maintained the quote you offered to prove that I did not ask for you to be banned. I simply denounced your actions as trollish...which they were:

"3rdly, you are not offering anything to this site at all. You are simply trolling. This is one of the things I hate about the net, there’s a ton of immature fundamentalist Christians who want to troll and insult Muslims.

Folk would have respect if you trundled over here with questions and a genuine desire for decent discussion. Instead you just get people’s backs up.

Perhaps you are realising your buddies Dakdok, Wood, Shamoun etc are objects of ridicule and thus are unable to offer anything substantial, hence why you have come out of the woodwork to try and do abit of DIY rather than paying (that’s what you used to do last I checked in on you) others to insult Muslims."

Unknown said...

Keep up the good works brother Snow. May Allah blesses you abundantly.

No wonder trinitarinists are very desperate to continue their mission of slander, lies and trolling your site.

Radical Moderate said...

Snowman, all though you did not specifaclly ask for me to be banned from PDubbs blog the intent was clear.

As far as u deleting my "offensive comments" honestly I have no idea what u mean. I was actually complementing you on this article you posted.

Snowman what does an Islamaphobe have to do.

I disagree with other Islamaphobes and want all US forces out of Muslim lands, I even want to stop evangelizing to Muslim countries and instead remove all Christians from Muslim lands.

I want Muslims like yourself living in he west to be removed from all civil protections provided by the Kuffar governments and instead want you to live only under Islamic Law.
For that I'm called a hater by you and others.

I compliment you on your excellent article explaining the eternal erection and my comment gets deleted because it is offensive.

What does an Islamaphobe have to do to appease the Muslims. It never seems to be enough

Radical Moderate said...


I also want the US to stop interfering with Israel.

That means no more US military aid.

Anonymous said...


Yahya is one of the most slanderous Muslims on the net. He is the paradigm of trolling. Try not to make such ignorant comments in the future. And try to read through this comment quickly since Yahya will soon be deleting it since he can't refute anything.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria

Hello Yahya:

In Christian doctrine,based on what can be seen from the NT,there are rules.Since almost all the 10 commandments,in one way or another,are declared in the NT,then they are accepted.

The exception is following the Sabbath,but it has been substituted by Sunday.

1.One of the commands in the NT is against sex outside of marriage

2.Another is to only have one wife,a woman,the Greek word used means woman(not an dog or other animal)

3.So by logic sex with an animal(if you are unmarried) is forbidden and you cant marry an animal,and if married to do it with an animal would be adultery.