Sunday, 2 June 2013

Careful, they may start calling you Scam $hamoun (Two Islamophobes Jump on the Book Bandwagon and want Cash)

Sam Shamoun has wasted over a decade of his life with his internet antagonism of Muslims, this decade or so has seen him transform into a family man - he has a wife and children now.

With such responsibilities come the need for money. The normal course of action would be to get a job but Shamoun persists with his internet activity relying on handouts/donations from folk on paltalk, facebook and other such places.

Clearly, the man is collecting enough cash to support his family; unless he is on the welfare system and/or sending his wife out to work whilst he harasses and abuses young Muslims on the net.

The Plan

Sam Shamoun's plan seems to be to pursue his career in Christian apologetics along with his buddy David Wood of Acts 17. Ever since Dr Nabeel Qureshi bailed on Acts 17 it seems they have been like two peas in a pod. It also seems the drive for donations has been ratcheted up recently. I guess sicne there's a ton of folk out there who know Islamophobia is a business the 'market' has been flooded. It's not like Shamoun and Wood have any expertise to set them apart from the average Islamophobe with google, a website/blog and YouTube channel in tow, is there? I mean none of them know Arabic, neither have any qualifications in ANY Islamic discipline and nor are they respected amongst the Muslim community.

How does one Islamophobe seeking fame and cash set him/herself apart from the rest in a crowded market?

The 'models' in the industry of Islamophobia (for the Isamophobes) would no doubt be those with the biggest profiles (and bank balances as a result). You have folk who claim they are 'ex Muslim' which seperates them from the rest. A woman claiming herself to be ex-Muslim such as Wafa Sultan and Ayan Hirsi Ali would certainly stand out and grab a load of traction and 'work'.

Shamoun and Wood are not former Muslims and nor are the women (Wood's cross-dressing does not qualify him to use female changing rooms or bathrooms - he's not a female!).

Then there's the so called ex-terrorists who seem to be raking it in - Kamal Saleem and Walid Shoebat. It's a bit late for Shamoun and Wood to claim they were recruited as terrorists for Mossad (oops I mean Hamas).

So who is left? Possibly the most infamous of them all (and the richest?), Robert Spencer. He wrote a book attacking Prophet Muhammad (his book has been refuted chapter for chapter - see Moustafa Zayed's book, The Lies About Muhammad).

No prizes in guessing what Sam and Dave are planning to do? Yep write a book or two or three. Not original. It's already been done before - many times over.

How Predictable: Islamophobes Wanting to CASH in by Writing Books about Islam

However, it seems their venture to write a book is already bringing in the cash (KERCHING!!!). They have started asking for cash to cover their expenses whilst they write the book/s. What stuck out to me is that Sam Shamoun does his internet thing FULL TIME. He is ALREADY dependent on donations so for Dave to be asking on behalf of Sam Shamoun raises a few questions.

Further still, Shamoun in writing a book does not need to expend much time at all. He's been doing this for over a decade now and one would suspect that he would just make a sloppy hodge-podge of his old (already-refuted) tomes and present it as a book.

Shameless and Arrogant

In the video David Wood claims the best books on Islam are waiting to be written suggesting he and his other donation-seeking buddy are going to write one of the better books despite not knowing Arabic and having no qualifications at all. Contrast this with the world-renowned authorities who have written books on Islamic subjects who are respected in the field of academics - some of whom have legacies spanning centuries.

The amateurs with Google are taking over the field of academia? No, the lunatics are not taking over the asylum. These folk are simply living in a hubris on the net. Time to turn the computer off and get real jobs lads!

PS Are these two donation-seeking wannabe-authors going to split the profits of any book sales with those who give them cash now? I doubt it. Surely only when Islamophobia and rampant Christian fundamentalism merge do we get amateurs being given cash to write about Islam. That speaks volumes.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yahya Snow said...

Hi anonymous (Jake?)

I deleted your comment will address the stuff you said that was on topic and was not designed as some sort of attack

You wrote:

There is nothing wrong with receiving financial support. If you don't think receiving support from those who benefit from their labors is appropriate, what do you suggest they do

I say:

Well if you don't have any qualifications in a subject and you consistently make blunders and spout falsehoods in what you comment on, should you receive donations? No. Clearly no. Regardless of the amount of labour they out in.

Think about it, if you and I joined forces and decided to blog about brain surgery despite having no qualifications and consistently making errors in the material we presented...would we realistically expect somebody to give us dontaions to write a book on the subject? No.

You say they are competent. I and others have consistently shown they are not competent.

You also mention running from debate challenges? Since when has Dave challenged me?

As for debate challenges, watch this space...


Yahya Snow said...

PS Dave's censorship is quite telling. I challenge you to post a link to the David Wood section and/or Shamoun section on his blog. That's when you will start to see comments disappear without any explanation given...

Anonymous said...

Since you deleted my comments and will likely do so anytime you can't answer me, there is little reason for me to continue trying to dialogue with you. You are obviously scared of open, honest, rational debate. This is not the first time, or the second, or the third, or the....

You are right to say David has never challenged you, but then I never said he did. Plenty of others have. You have consistently run from them as you will continue to do. After all, you can't delete their comments in a debate (though you can afterwards produce an edited version of the debate like many of your co-religionists do when they are refuted).

Radical Moderate said...

Tell u what snowman, I Challange u to a debate on one of the tings you think Sam Shamoun has been refuted on.

Do you accept?

Jake Blake said...


Your comment is awaiting deletion by Yahya.

Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

Luk at these Wood followers complaining on being deleted wen woods blocks ppl permanently.

Anonymous said...

Radical come ac room

Anonymous said...

They want money. Typical.

Eric said...

Scam $hamoun, I like that.

Jake Blake said...

Ali, thanks for unwittingly confirming my point that Yahya is deleting comments of mine he can't answer.

Jake Blake said...
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Radical Moderate said...


You wrote...

"Well if you don't have any qualifications in a subject and you consistently make blunders and spout falsehoods in what you comment on, should you receive donations? No. Clearly no. Regardless of the amount of labour they out in. "

So then you have a problem with Paul Williams, a man who is now being billed as a "Theologian" all though he has in his words No qualifications. A man who is writing a book even though he has no qualifications, and a man who makes blunders and spouts falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

Radical Paul banned u

U mad at him now ur here talking bout him

Yahya Snow said...


Paul Williams is not asking for donations nor is he (as far as I know) arrogantly throwing the message out there that his book will be one of the better books on Christianity (it may well be, Allah knows best)

Yahya Snow said...

Guys comments about the holy spirit will be deleted said...

Jake Blake is Sam Shamoun.