Monday, 17 June 2013

Please Mr Anthony Rogers of ABN

@ Mr R Anthony Rogers

I deleted your comment :)

Please don’t allow your contributor status at a website that regurgitates negative news stories about Muslims over-inflate your self-importance.

Please don’t allow your appearance/s on an internet TV program over-inflate your self-importance.
Please don’t threaten to post about me on the Muslim-hating website run by your leader for your leader (and his bank balance).

Please don’t insult me or this blog’s stats again. I had a check of blogger’s stats and noticed it’s over 400,000 on this site alone. Not bad considering most of the material is self-generated and produced in my spare time in between work and studies; rather than the anti-Muslim copy and paste material you boys serve up all the while getting paid for it as your occupation (oh wait perhaps it’s only Dave who gets paid unless he chucks a few dollars in the direction of yourself, Hogan and Samuel Green). Do tell if he throws a few dollars your way to compensate you for your toils and blind support.

Please don’t come over and disturb my flow with your testosterone-fuelled spiel (learn that from Sam?). I enjoy my vlogging (I’d imagine ~ half a million folk have viewed the videos on one channel alone) and blogging.

Please don’t say I have never engaged you. Weren’t you the bloke whom I rebuked some time ago for believing an angel in the OT was God?

Please don’t say I lied when I removed your post. You did insult people’s intelligence with your comment, hence it’s removal.

Please don’t say I have not refuted Sam and Dave as this would be a falsehood. You don’t want to be speaking falsehoods, do you?

Sam Shamoun section:

David Wood section:

Hmmm me thinks there’s plenty of material in there that constitutes refutation.

I will happily debate you and settle the issue once for all. Call in to ABN and let's set it up. [Rogers]
Why am I going to stay up till 1am GMT to call you when I have to be up for prayers and then work? WORK. Let me write it again, WORK. And again WORK. I understand that Sam doesn’t work, he relies on donations from internet users to support him. Perhaps Dave does the same. The rest of us have lives.

If you delete this post I am going to write a blog post at Answering Muslims that will be seen by scores more people on a single day than will ever visit your blog in the course of an entire year. [Rogers]
Uh? What are you going to do? Post about me deleting your comment? Come on, get real.
Anthony, you are more than welcome to dialogue as long as you drop your attitude and adopt a more sincere approach. I invite you to visit this link:


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He's a celebrity. Lol

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Eric Kisam said...

God bless you brother Yahya, I mention you in my du'a so that you are always given patience in dealing with those truth blinded missionaries

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