Sunday, 5 April 2015

Islam Growth Rate - Global

It is projected that within the next few decades, Islam will have the largest number of adherents in the world. Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, and the fastest growing in the world overall. The study below claims that this is primarily because of high fertility rates.

However, one cannot ignore three other realities:

Firstly, converts to the faith are frequent and ever-present. Just go to any mosque in the Western world and you will see this reality for yourself. In contrast, it is rare to find an ex-Muslim in another place of worship.

Secondly, Muslims tend to retain their faith and pass it down to their children, whereas many other faiths seem to lose a higher percentage, either to agnosticism or to another faith, of the next generation. (True, it is sad that amongst Muslims this percentage is increasing, but I would venture it is much less than with other faiths, and would love to see some studies done on that issue).

Lastly, regardless of actual numbers, I would argue, even currently, that the number of Muslims who at least regularly attend Jumah is actually more than the number of Christians who go to Church every Sunday. (Again, would love to see studies done in this regard). If that is the case, that would be an interesting twist as well.

From Yasir Qadhi's FB

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