Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rohingya Muslims Persecuted in Burma

Police officers sexually abused a Muslim woman and arrested her husband in Burma for listening to a religious sermon. On April 06, the Burmese police were taking a look inside Muslim households when they noticed a couple sitting around a mobile phone and listening to a Muslim religious sermon.

The police then went on to assault the wife and in the process sexually abused her. The 24 year old husband was severely beaten and taken to the police station. The Rohingya community in Burma face some of the worst atrocities by the hands of extremist Buddhists who have been on rampages; burning down schools, villages, market places and mosques.

The Rohingya community has been brutally attacked, slaughtered and in some cases been set alight! Yet again and again we hear only silence from the media. With social media at our fingertips we have no excuse not to highlight and object to the brutal atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters in Burma and elsewhere. Our religion orders us to defend the helpless and oppressed. [MPACUK Facebook]

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