Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Author of the Book of Hebrews is UNKNOWN - James White

Hmmm, you just start to pull your hair out at the level of ignorance amongst lay-Christians concerning the Bible. Most Christians will claim the author of the Book of Hebrews is Paul of Tarsus. But...

Prepare for the faith-shattering truth

We do not know who wrote the Book of Hebrews. Yes, you read that correctly; we do not know who wrote the Book of Hebrews. Worse still, traditionally, the "holy-spirit inspired" Christians of yester-year thought Hebrews was authored by Paul - to this day, many "holy spirit inspired" Christians still believe this.

There are two issues here:

Why all the confusion and inaccuracy? I mean, Christians believe the "Holy Spirit dwells within" them but we see the more scholarly Christians are at loggerheads with the lay Christians.

Why in the world would you accept Hebrews as authoritative when you just don't know who penned it? Think about it, if you read an article/book of unknown authorship on English Law, would you accept it as authoritative or would you consider it unreliable? Christians, be honest, you would consider the claims within unreliable and untrustworthy

James White confirms the Book of Hebrews is unknown in authorship


How do we know the author of Hebrews was not an enemy of Jesus? How do we know he is reliable or not? When you just do not know anything about the author because he is anonymous you are always prone to confusion and conjecture.

Christians tell us God is not the author of confusion yet the books which they claim to be "inspired" by God are indeed the cause of great confusion. There is even a verse within the New Testament in which Christians cannot even decide whether it is referencing "God" or "Satan" - I'm not kidding you - this verse really exists!

Fundamentalist Christians

Rest assured there will still be Christians out there who will continue to insist Paul authored Hebrews despite their leaders admitting they do not know. I guess it just shows these Christians - in their heart of hearts - know believing in a book (Hebrews) which is of doubtful origins is quite faith shattering hence their rejection of scholarship.

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Fifth Monarchy Man said...


God wrote Hebrews same as the rest of the Bible.

Knowing the human that God used to reveal his message might be interesting background like knowing who actually penned the US Constitution but it is irrelevant as far as the of the importance of the document.

The Constitutional convention could have used an anonymous scribe to pen their thoughts if they wanted to we should allow God the same freedom


Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Yahya said:

Most Christians will claim the author of the Book of Hebrews is Paul of Tarsus

I say,

This statement is just incorrect.

Most lay Christians I know don’t even speculate as to who wrote Hebrews. Among those that do the most popular candidate is Apolos followed by Barnabas and then Paul. I know one lady who thinks Priscilla wrote it.

It’s hard to make a convincing argument when your beginning premise is false


Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Keeping with the example of the US Constitution it might be helpful to look at the authorship of the vastly important federalist papers.

Through out the history of my country the government has considered these documents to be authoritative witness to the thinking of the founding fathers despite them being anonymous.

The FP along with the Constitution and declaration of independence are considered to be the "Cannon" for the thoughts of the founders.

check it out

If some eighteenth century white guys had the ability to make their thoughts known to us with out ascribing a name to the bottom of the page why can't God?

I never cease to be amazed at the low view of God’s freedom and abilities that Muslims have.


Anonymous said...

Can you prove Paul did not write the epistle to Hebrews? James White is not a scholar. Is he a liberal? Why do you not quote the Church Fathers?

Radical Moderate said...

@Yahya Snow

You wrote in shear desperation...
"How do we know the author of Hebrews was not an enemy of Jesus? "


1MoreMuslim said...

''James WHite is not a scholar, he is liberal !!'' loooool.

To Fifth Monarchy Man, why early Christians were against including the book into the Bible? Are they moved by Satan? Is The content of other epistles not as important as Hebrews? Why not include the gospel of Peter?, it was widely read, and even considered scripture in Rhossus.

answeringmuslims said...

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Fifth Monarchy Man said...

one more muslim:

why early Christians were against including the book into the Bible?

I say,

I don’t know of any Christians who rejected it. Some folks were leery precisely because the authorship was not beyond question.

You can explore the Church's recognizing of the cannon for yourself. In fact I highly recommend it.

Knowing that the early church took the decision of which books to include very seriously helps Christians to have confidence that no spurious book found their way in to our Bible.

you say,

Why not include the gospel of Peter?

I say,

Because it was not the Word of God.


minoria said...

From the content of the letter it was written BEFORE 70 AD,since it talks of Temple sacrifice.That is important.It shows it was written by a contemporary of James,Paul and Peter.