Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What was Hubal

The mere fact Christian apologetics is littered with dubious folk prone to dishonesty and blunder leads us to  believe the task of educating folk about Christianity and Islam should not be left solely in the hands of Christians.

Here is a case in point, recently we observed a young Christian apologist simply making stuff up - he was claiming Allah is Hubal. I kid you not, this bloke was really spouting such balderdash!

Here is a spot of scholarship to educate us on what Hubal actually was.

Hubal – an idol, the god of the moon. Centuries before Islam, Amr ibn Luhayy, a chief of the tribe of Jurhum who dwelt in Mecca before the coming of the Quraysh tribe, brought the idol to the city from Syria. It was set up in the Ka’bah and became the principal idol of the pagan Meccans. The ritual casting of lots and divining arrows was performed in front of it.

Hubal was pulled down and used as a doorstep when the Prophet conquered Mecca and purified the Ka’bah.

[Quotes taken from The Concise Encyclopaedia of Islam, Revised Edition, Cyril Glasse, Stacey International, 2001, page 185]

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answeringmuslims said...


Switzerland--Defence Minister Ueli Maurer says there has been an increase in the recruitment of Muslims for militant training camps.

In an interview with the SonntagsZeitung newspaper, Maurer said the government was aware of Swiss who went to these training camps, and others who visited Koran schools.

He said the federal intelligence service had a good overview of Switzerland’s “Jihad fighters”, but refused to give any figures.

According to the intelligence service, a militant Islamic network was set up last year in Switzerland in order to find recruits who are sent to countries like Somalia and Yemen.

Maurer told the newspaper that under current Swiss laws it is difficult to prevent Islamists from raising funds.

“The intelligence service can only observe and provide analyses,” he said. “We have at our disposal very little means [to fight Islamic militant activities] since parliament has up to now rejected them.”

Anonymous said...

AAnswering Muslims, your demagoguery is despicable. Have you ever wondered why militants are being successful in their recruiting? You are so pathetic. Second point, how about we go to some of the fbi statistics and look at militant recruitment in us. Yelp, they are loony christian militant groups not muslamic groups. Go get a life you dirty douche.

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked at the FBI most wanted list, the majority of them were Muslims. None were Christian terrorists. Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

The Facts

According to the FBI database, there have been 318 terrorist incidents in the US from 1980-2005. That includes 209 bombings and 43 arsons. Out of those incidents, 42% were committed by Latino groups, 24% by Extreme Left Wing groups, 7% by Jewish Extremists, 6% by Muslim Extremists, and 5% by Communists. 1

A RAND Corporation [funded by the U.S. government] report titled “Would-be Warriors” reveals some very interesting facts:

1.Not a single U.S. civilian has been killed by Muslim extremists since Sept 11, 2001.
2.Only 3 out of 83 acts of terrorism between 9/11 and 2009 were done by Muslim extremists. Most were by animal rights and environmental activists.
3.There was more terrorism in the 1970s than the 21st century. There were over 60 terrorist incidents per year on U.S. soil, most of them being bombings. That’s 15 – 20 times more terrorism than post 9/11.
Europol’s report titled “EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report” showed that 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2006-2008 were committed by Muslim extremists. That means 99.6% of terrorist attacks were by non-Muslims, most of which were separatists and leftists.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, so sad you dirty demagogue douche. Just go admit that you are a liar and you hate Muslims.