Saturday, 14 May 2011

Reaction to Farhan Qureshi

Note: There is an in-depth video discussion on Farhan Qureshi by Jibreelk here:

Brief Comments on 'I Declare My Apostasy by Farhan Qureshi '

First and foremost, guidance is from Allah alone. None Guides but He.

I have followed (and liked) Farhan for some time and have had some brief exchanges with him in the past – exchanges which will remain private.

Farhan Qureshi has decided to make public his renunciation of Islam. Moreover, he has decided to work closely with the anti-muslim brigade. I don’t know why. What does he hope it is going to achieve?

Farhan Qureshi is a student of psychology thus should have the necessary elements to sniff out a person’s agenda. Surely, he recognises Faith Freedom’s Ali Sina is simply using him as a tool to further his dubious agenda. Quite what Farhan is doing jumping into that particular bed is open to speculation.

Perhaps the disease rife in apologetics – delusions of one’s import – has reared its ugly head. I just don’t understand why Farhan would go down such a route.

Analysing Farhan’s declaration of apostasy

This was a thought out decision that took months of prayer, consideration, evaluation and knowledge-seeking on my part.

Who was Farhan offering “prayer” to? Really! Was he praying to Allah? How seriously was he seeking advice and answers from scholars?

Not buying it…

My apostasy has not been based on disliking Islam or its requirements rather it was based on a realization that Islam is in direct contradiction with contemporary knowledge involving and including science, philosophy, ethics, anthropology, and the field which I am most interested in, educated in and practice as my line of work, namely, psychology: the science and study of human behavior.

I don’t buy that. Farhan was an ardent defender of Islam for a number of years; surely he has heard all the standard atheist and secularist arguments before? Why have they led to Farhan’s “realization” at this moment in his life? Is it not possible his change in circumstances/influences impacted on the way he saw objections to Islam?

These are potent questions that Farhan should deliberate over and decide for himself whether he has genuinely reasoned the arguments dispassionately or whether he has allowed himself to be swayed subconsciously by such influences/circumstances…

Farhan would do well to scrutinize his own mindset and arrive to answers behind why he began to see familiar objections differently.


Moreover, what in the world are these points of “science”, "contemporary knowledge", "philosophy" (how in the world can a religion be in direct contradiction with philosophy?), "ethics", "anthropology" and "psychology" (again, how in the world can a religion be in direct contradiction with psychology?)

Farhan seems to be making vague statements which may sound rather grandiose (to some) but in reality contribute nothing but confusion. Perhaps the FF crowd will lap all of that up but the more discerning will keep their powder dry.


I would not be surprised if Farhan’s major influences were anti-super naturalists – introduced to so many Muslims through the work of Bart Ehrman whilst researching the holes in Christianity.

Psychology of others...

I have spent time and energy studying and experiencing the different denominations and sub-cultures within the Ummah. Having experienced their spirituality and religiosity first hand, having studied with their scholars and preachers, and having read books, articles and arguments from them, I believe that I have a grasp of where they stand psychologically and I plan to explore this more in-depth in the near future as I publish articles.

Perhaps Farhan Qureshi would like to explore the psychology of his new crew (FF). I mean, what in the world is their motivation?

How about his own psychology – what’s motivating him? I just don’t understand the decision to jump into the lap of the anti-Muslim brigade. It’s hardly a match made in Heaven – Sina and Farhan!

Isn’t Ali Sina the bloke who was crassly courting publicity by offering a cash reward to anybody who could “refute” him? The mindset of those craving attention is one for Farhan to look into. Another one for Farhan to look into; is Farhan looking for a spot of attention by jumping in bed with this motley crew?


I realized that 1400 years worth of consistent Islamiyya theology is not what I believed was the ultimate truth, rather I realized that it was a primitive attempt at understanding and implementing social, spiritual, religious and ethical standards. These seventh century standards might give slight insight into how humanity, and in this case, Arab civilization was evolving and progressing from its previous ‘jahiliyya’ or ignorance, and yet effectively became stagnant with its own set of conservative traditionalism that would not allow Arab civilization to move forward.

Farhan is essentially calling Islam “backward”. Secularists often call religion backward. Here, Farhan does it in a less direct fashion. Why has Farhan taken so many years to come to such a view? Was Farhan “primitive” whilst part of the faith? These are matters for Farhan’s psychological skills!

Farhan’s regression

I want to thank Ali Sina for giving me the platform to explore Islam and to expose its primitive nature as incompatible with contemporary reality unless and until Muslims choose to reform it.

Dismissing Farhan’s cruder “backward” jibe as an attempt to gain further approbation from his new bed fellows, the problem Farhan has is that he is using contemporary standards and “development” to judge folk of the past. I mean, if we were all to judge by Farhan’s new yardstick we would come to the view that all human beings of the past are backward. This is an unfair yardstick to employ. Is Farhan really going to claim all his forefathers were backward?

Farhan knows too well Muslims are not going to reform Islam to bend towards contemporary society. He must be confusing Christians for Muslims.

Good guys leave Islam? Say hello to the loons...

The infamous myth-maker, David Wood, wrote the general consensus of those of us who knew Farhan was this: "It's only a matter of time before Farhan leaves Islam. He's too good a guy to keep defending these teachings."

Uh? So all Muslims are bad and the good ones will leave Islam? Talk about loco!

Farhan, say hello to your new bed fellows. Rest assured, crazed views such as these are ubiquitous amongst your new crew.

Further reading for Farhan and others

A Muslim philosopher challenging secularism – Shabbir Akhtar

Farhan, I have not read this book but have seen it promoted on Paul Williams’ blog. Perhaps it will benefit you. Please do read it as it seems as though it may have some of the answers you crave – inshaAllah. Here’s what Williams wrote:

I’m currently reading this excellent and intellectually intoxicating book. Akhtar, a Muslim philosopher, is concerned with the rationality and plausibility of the Muslim faith and the Qur’an, and in particular how they can be interrogated and understood through Western analytical philosophy. He also explores how Islam can successfully engage with the challenges posed by secular thinking.
Invitation to Islam

Farhan, take some time out and think about WHY you really left Islam and WHAT really influenced you. Yep, retrospectively delve into your mindset.

When I pray I feel an out-of-this-world feeling of spirituality. Muslims have experienced the spirituality of Islam. Farhan, did you not feel anything when you prayed? I guarantee you are the one who is losing out.

Farhan, rethink your decision and come back to Islam.