Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bart Ehrman on Islam

So Christians are likening Bart Ehrman to a Muslim - perhaps due to the fact Bart Ehrman's scholarship favours the Muslim understanding of Jesus not being God as well as that of the Bible being unreliable.

The trinitarian Christian view of Jesus' divinity is easily realised to be fallacious - you don't need to be a Muslim or a Bible scholar to realise this.

A Christian asks Bart Ehrman about the Quran and likens him to a Muslim. Bart Ehrman responds...

Jesus has Muslim brothers/sisters

The incarnation?

Original sin?

Russell Brand Exposes Muslim Terrorism Percentage


Anonymous said...

"I really don't appreciate you likening me to a Muslim..." - Ehrman

Thanks for sharing that.

minoria said...

I was shocked by Ehrman saying he didnt know anything about the Koran?He says he left Christianity because he was dedicated to finding the truth,and so is now an agnostic.
And he is chairman of the Department of Religion in North Carolina University.
Listen,how can he have such a position and not even know the basic facts about the Koran?And if he is an authentic truth-seeker as he claims why doesnt he investigate the claims of Islam?It is obvious he a MAN OF CONTRADICTIONS.

Anonymous said...

Ehrman doesn't have to be a scholar of or even know much about other religions to be a chairman of where he is.

You don't know whether he has, is currently doing so or hasn't investigated the claims of Islam.

Also, download Bart Ehrman's latest book before the publishers complain:

Anonymous said...

What irks Christians to no end is that Ehrman truly IS a respected scholar and Muslims DO refer to him when critiquing Christianity. So its understandable that Christians are filled to the brim with apprehension about Ehrman. In a debate with James White, which was actually about the Bible. Mr. White asks him about his thoughts on the Quran, JUST so Christians can later argue “are you sure you want to refer to a man whose views on your own scripture fair no better than the bible?” This reveals the absolute bitterness of the Christians, for a man with the title “Doctor” before his name, James White surely knows the basic etiquettes of an academic debate. He knows the Quran had absolutely nothing to do with the debate at hand, he hoped Ehrman would spew a memorable line of vitriol against the Quran and BINGO!. Ah Mr. White, a funny man you are!
I wait for the day when Mr. Shamoun decides to be the next hero in the line of the christain heros to debate Ehrman and subsequently gets abandoned by the Holy Ghost .

Unknown said...

Don't stop there, carry on, it's because he doesn't know ANYTHING about the Qur'an, so it's only natural not to like being likened to something you have no knowledge about! It's not a negative remark about Islam at all! But I pray that God guides him to study Islam thoroughly and reach the ultimate truth!