Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Christian Hate Crime Against Muslims – Alleged Hater, John White, Invited to Islam

John Invited to Islam
Muslim Response to John White of South Shields

A Christian, John White, who regularly goes to church, has been accused of hate crimes against Muslims.

The Muslim response is to invite him to Islam and to let him know that Jesus (p) was against pork too. In fact Jesus is a Muslim. John, would you like to be the brother of Jesus? If yes, come to Islam as those who do the Will of God are the brothers/sisters of Jesus – this is confirmed in Mark 3:35.

Drop the racism and the childish taunts in favour of seeking the Truth. Islam is for people of all nationalities. I would like to remind you that Jesus (p) was not white and looked like a practicing Muslim – in fact, he was a practicing Muslim. If you love Jesus (p) then you should love Muslims. Think about it, John.

Christian Accused of Religiously Aggravated Harassment - News Report

A CHURCH stalwart accused of leaving rashers of bacon outside a mosque and Muslim homes has denied running a religious hate campaign. John White was arrested as police investigated a spate of incidents in South Shields earlier this year.

He pleaded not guilty at Newcastle Crown Court to five offences of religiously aggravated harassment, alarm, or distress.The charges all involve the deliberate targeting of Muslims on different days between January 2 and 29.

White, who has been attending the same church for 30 years, also faces a string of racially-aggravated offences.But those were not put to him during his brief plea and case management hearing.

Tom Moran, prosecuting, said: “We are likely to nail our colours to the mast because really this case is about religious aggravation rather than racial.

“It may be a decision is taken not to try him on those other counts but I can’t confirm that today.”

White, 63, of Homestall Close, South Shields, will now go before a jury in the week beginning July 25.He was further remanded on bail with a number of conditions.One of those – an exclusion area – is to be challenged by White’s lawyers.Stuart Graham, defending, said: “One condition is not to enter Baring Street.

“That causes difficulty for the church he has gone to for 30 years.”

White’s arrest followed a series of disturbing attacks in South Shields.Bacon and pork was thrown at the homes of Muslim families around the town centre.A slab of bacon was also left outside one of the community’s most popular mosques – the Jam-E-Masjid Bangladeshi Muslim Culture and Welfare Association in Baring Street.

Read More http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/evening-chronicle-news/2011/05/20/south-shields-churchman-denies-hate-campaign-72703-28731876/#ixzz1Mx20Xstb

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Anonymous said...

He should of been convicted of worse, why be hatin pork like that.

Anonymous said...

Don't be hatin bacon.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a serious question. Since somethings that are Haram on earth will be Hala in heaven.

I'm wondering will there be pork in allahs paradise?

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

with the name of Allah, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

Well Anonymous one this is for certain we definitely won't be seeing ANY WOMEN at all in the Christian heaven.

Women need not apply! In fact there are only men in heaven which means.

1) Only men go to heaven.
2) Since woman is the glory and image of the man she must be transformed into the glory and image of God (A man/or Son) in order to inter heaven.

I tried to find the daughters of heaven, and daughters of paradise in the New Testament I searched and searched in vain...

Anonymous said...


Your......'perception' or 'concept' of heaven in order to formulate that argument is really sad. There is no male or female in heaven, there is no sex in heaven, there is something far greater :)

Anonymous said...

Please mentiion instead the Muslims who beheaded the Christians this weak. Or the islamic terrorists who blew up the building. Thank you.