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Christian Preacher Exposing the 'Muslims Having Dreams of Jesus and Converting to Christianity' Myth

Christian evangelism has a long history of myth making in order to convert people and/or encourage Christians to fill the donation boxes Here's another scandal in the Christian ministries that's being exposed: the myth of Muslims in Muslim countries having dreams of Jesus and converting to Christianity.

Christian evangelists who present these falsehoods must think Western Christians are stupid, after all, the Christianity in the West is on the wane to put it subtly. Atheism is on the rise here, yet these Christians want people to believe that Jesus is appearing to people in Muslim countries and converting them. Nonsense. The discerning Christian will be suspicious of such stories!

Why John Piper Doubts Muslims Having Jesus Dreams
Many Muslims have claimed over the years that they saw Jesus in their dreams and got saved. But preacher and theologian John Piper says he is highly suspicious of such stories as they seek to contradict the biblical paradigm of how salvation comes.

At a QA session during a recent seminar, “Let the Nations Be Glad!” by the Desiring God ministry, Piper was asked what he thought of Jesus coming to Muslims in dreams. Is that real? Or more importantly, is that real conversion?

“Jesus coming to them in their head, preaching the Gospel to them that they have never heard of before, and believing and being saved… that I am suspicious of… big time,” said Piper, the pastor for preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minn.

Such claims, Piper said, reflects the way people pray. “I have heard people pray, ‘Oh God, give me dreams, oh God, give me dreams,’ because they have heard stories that somebody had a dream.”

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