Saturday, 16 May 2015

Muslims Thank US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz For Comments on Boston Bombing

The US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz has destroyed the Islamophobic narrative on the Boston bombing. US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz has announced it was a POLITICAL crime not a religious crime. He also stated, correctly, that the Boston Bombing were nothing to do with Muslim beliefs.

Well said US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz!

US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz stated that the Boston Marathon Bombing “was not a religious crime…it was a political crime” at a press conference on Friday. Ortiz said, “Make no mistake, the defendant claimed to be acting on behalf of all Muslims. This was not a religious crime. And it certainly does not reflect true Muslim beliefs. []

Effectively this is an admission that American foreign policy is behind terrorist acts such as the Boston Bombing.How about focussing on American foreign policy now. Why not listen to a bit of Noam Chomsky on how to stop terrorism...

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