Sunday, 17 May 2015

Islamophobic Propaganda of: Faith to Faithless Website and Imtiaz Shams

I remember a Pakistani ex Muslim guy in Ireland a few years back saying he does not want to become a propaganda tool (against Islam) when asked why he does not make videos about his leaving of Islam. IIRC

Yet now, in this climate of hatred of Muslims and Islam, in this age of grabbing Muslim natural resources and in this desire to 'reform' Islam on the part of secular Western liberal supremacists there's a new group of people who are encouraged, promoted and offered financial plus material support to do their bidding. The bidding of the secular Western liberal supremacist.

Of course, the secular Western liberal supremacists fear (and rightly so) being labelled racist and/or Islamophobic when they come out and rail against Islam and Muslims. However, these are the very same nations who used to impose the Bible and White Supremacy onto others so they have been around a long while and shift from one supreme ideal they cherish to another to look down at others in their efforts to make themselves seem superior.

Christianity...well that one was stamped out here in the West a while ago. White supremacy...the likes of MLK, Malcolm X and the whole civil rights movement put paid to that.

What do they now rally around to hold up as their beacon of light that they want to impose on the rest of the world all the while sneering, mocking and deriding all those who resist as backward inferiors?

They now have something called secular Western liberal supremacy. They make the rules up and every other culture is obliged to obey or lose their financial aid as well as subjected to a vicious propaganda campaign in an effort to get the 'other' to conform.

If a group of Germans were doing it in the 1940s people would have been crying Nazism.

What's their plan for the Muslims? It's to get gullible Muslims and exMuslims to do their bidding.

This is where folk such as Imtiaz Shams and organisations such as CEMB and Faith to Faithless come in. It's no coincidence liberal media outlets give them a platform. It's no coincidence they are organised. It's no coincidence that they exist.

Wake up to the propaganda campaign.

While our mosque leaders still struggle to even speak English yet alone understand what's going on in the cyberwolrd and the real world on a day to day basis the Western liberal supremacists are circling along with their pawns (ex Muslims and Uncle Tom types).

I fear for British Muslims. We are not organised. We are not equipped. We are not funded. We have no amplification to our voice. We are effectively voiceless because we are so disunited.

I hope people like Imtiaz Shams can see our pain and actually come on to our side and help us out. No Muslim in Britain or Europe should be pressurised to give up faith...this is exactly what's happening.

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