Saturday, 16 May 2015

Ergun Caner 's Friend Tony Nolan's Story Questioned - Another Scandal?

We all know about Ergun Caner. We all saw how his lies were exposed in public view. However, today I received a few FaceBook private messages from a trainee Baptist minister who asked me look into Tony Nolan.

I had never heard of Tony Nolan, however this trainee Baptist minister mentioned Tony Nolan is a friend of Ergun Caner and has an elaborate backstory story. When his fellow Christian doubts his story and thinks he's about the cash then it's time to start to ask questions of Tony Nolan, the author of  'Hurt Healer'.

Perhaps Tony can provide us with some documentation and evidence for some of his claims. I'm not saying this guy is lying, I'm just asking him to provide some evidence to support his claims as questions are being asked

Here's my conversation with the Baptist trainee pastor, whose identity has been censored.

Christian Trainee Minister: Yahya, You think some Christians make up stories to win converts. So do I. As we both know, Ergun Caner did. And maybe even Walid Shoebat. I'm glad Mohammed Khan did the work to expose Caner.

Me: Do you think there are other churches in America where there are other con men making stories up to try and convert Muslims? I appreciate your honesty [Name censored]

Christian Trainee Minister: Well, yes and no. We don't have a lot of Muslims here The con men know people are afraid of Muslims So they try to make Americans scared and convert them (and sell book) that way Do you know of a man named Tony Nolan?

Me: No, never heard of Tony Nolan Ah so you think the canards are more about making money through books and converting people through hatred of Muslims?

Christian Trainee Minister: He is a friend of Ergun Caner Yes, they don't care about converts, they care about customers Tony Nolan preaches with Caner and Caner's friends He, too, has an emotional back story

Me: Do you think this Tony Nolan fella is lying too?

Christian Trainee Minister: He claims to have been sold by his parents for $200

Me: Perhaps, we should look into him.

Christian Trainee Minister: Yes, I suspect he is That is why I contacted you Nolan has an emotional back story that he uses to convert people Like his friend Caner I think they are both liars

Me: You know what, I will try to look into him. This is sad. I respect your honesty Are you still training to be a Baptist minister?

Christian Trainee Minister: Please do, Thank you. I am And this man is a baptist minister He goes to baptist churches and tells his Emontional stories And tries to scare people into converting And sells tickets to concerts for big money I think he just wants to make money, not save souls And I think he is a liar, it makes me very sad

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