Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Muslim Response: Texas Shooting at Islamophobe Drawing Event and Pamela Geller Exposed

Dr Yasir Qadhi speaks about this incident, from his FB:

I have absolutely no sympathy or love for Islamophobes like Pamella Geller or Geert Wilders and their ilk. I do not wish them any success in this world, and have full certainty that if they continue down their paths, Allah will deal with them in the next world. But by attacking their Islamophobic event, all of a sudden these bigots have emerged as 'freedom fighters' and have had their credentials boosted in many circles.

 If we had just ignored them as they deserve, their event would have gone unnoticed, and they would have slithered back to where they came from without any attention being given to them. Instead, they will now be given international attention and put in the limelight. Muslims need to stop reacting emotionally, and let knowledge reign them in. Such foolish and un-Islamic acts contradict the Shariah, and any scholar of Islam will know this.

Ignoramuses who quote a Hadith or incident from the Seerah are even more dangerous than a high schooler who opens a page of a neurosurgery book and then starts operating based on his reading of one paragraph. Those who want to kill in the name of defending the Prophet (salla Allahu Alayhi wa sallam) harm the followers of the Prophet (saw), and distort the beautiful image and reputation of the Prophet (saw), a million times more than those who mock him could ever do. We gain nothing by such attempted murder, and we lose everything.

Of course we can and should verbally engage them (and you are aware that I do this as well). But the question is: should the event have been targeted? In fact I say that Muslims shouldn't even have protested outside the event but rather written about the double standards and the reality of these bigots in op-eds and other news outlets. There is a wise way to defend, and there are foolish and counterproductive ways.

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