Friday, 16 June 2017

Is the Facebook Video 'When a Child is Considered a Temptress' a Fake?

Abu Ayoub The person who posted the video and wrote the title is against Islam. So he made the title misleading on purpose. I'm sure if we find where the original video was posted it would say something like, "Mistakes Women make in wearing Hijab." I do admit though using a little girl as a Model was unwise. He should have used mannequins. But it appears he comes from a poor area so he might not have had access to it. And really every other option he had would've been haram. Be it an older woman or a man (LOL) modeling the tight cloths.

[The video was posted on a forum asking whether it was fake or authentic. The above response is from a gentleman based in the Middle East. Folks be wary of propaganda and misleading videos by Islamophobes]

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