Thursday, 29 June 2017

So You Don't Believe Guys Visting Pubs and Strip Clubs See Jesus but Muslims Do See Jesus?

This was a pretty interesting comment on a video discussing the Christian missionary claim that Muslims in the East are seeing Jesus and converting to Christianity. Churches in the UK and mainland Europe are being converted to restaurants, offices, pubs and clubs al the time? Oh, and whilst we are at it, one church in Hungary turned into a venue which hosts a stripper? A strip club!?

Are these Christians who give donations to Christian missionaries feeding them stories of Jesus appearing to Muslims not asking themselves why Jesus is not appearing to any of these other people?

Think. Don't be fooled by Christian missionary rhetoric. There are people who lie in the Christian missionary circuit, they lie to try and convert people and they lie to secure donations (they have a vested interest in it).

With thousands of churches closing and converted to mosques, I'm wondering, why doesn't Jesus Christ appear to them inside the churches? Maybe he could have stopped it from closing. What a bunch of craps and lies of Christian deception. LOL SMH

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