Sunday, 16 March 2014

Are you Sikh and want to learn about Islam?

Here a few links for you to peruse and learn about Islam:


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A non-resident laborer on Friday embraced Islam here in a Mosque in Old City of Srinagar, a news agency reported on Friday.

19-year-old, Bajrang, from Jharkhand recited Kalima- a sentence to agree to oneness of Allah and the prophet-hood of Muhammad (PBUHS) in Jamia Masjid at Shampora Nowhatta, Srinagar today, sources told the news agency.

He has taken the name Mohammad Amin. He accepted Islam on his own free-will after making a thorough search into various religions of the world, sources said, adding: “His critical investigations did reveal to him the truth of Islam.”

On November 16, last year, a 43-year-old Dutch tourist De-wit Richard embraces Islam and later taken the name Mohammad Abdullah here in central Jail Srinagar.