Thursday, 20 March 2014

Do they ever recant their misinformation? An oldie that they remain silent upon...

ABN has gained an anti-Muslim and an untrustworthy reputation - it's basically scene as a hate-fest. Here are two of their recent absurd lies. These are lies that the Christian fundamentalist (David Wood) would NEVER bring to a live debate for the fear of humiliation, yet he and his friend (Sam Shamoun) have an unchecked platform plus a desperation for viewers on Bassim Gorial’s ABN that they have been exploiting assiduously in spreading internet vile lies

ABNSat’s David Wood (with Sam Shamoun) bring ‘the sex with a dead woman’ lie

Why does Bassim Gorial give this type of hatred and deceit a platform on ABN SAT? Is it because most of his audience are anti-Muslims and anti-Islam lunatics who demand such material?
Here is a link to a past article which has already refuted this 'sex with dead aunt claim':

Another ABN Sat Scandal – Cross Dressing Lie

Christian fundamentalist, David Wood, presented this cross dressing lie on ABN as well as his personal YouTube channel (on which he even dressed in his wife’s nightie!):

Matthew 5:11 and Advice to Christians and Muslims

As Muslims we are facing a malicious propaganda campaign from Christian radicals. We are constantly bombarded by the most crazed insults yet we continue to hold firm. The Christian radicals direct their insults at us as their faith is questioned with our solid and more logical belief of Jesus (p) being a Prophet rather than being God. These radical Christians would do well to contemplate on Matthew 5:11

"God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. New Living Translation

We as Muslims, indeed follow the teaching of Jesus - Only God is worthy of worship.

Muslims, stay strong!

Sincere Christians, please help rebuke the mischief-makers who are attention/fame-seeking amongst your communities.

May Allah bless His Prophets further and May Allah guide us and bless us all further. Ameen.


Sam said...
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Sam said...
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Anonymous said...

David is a cross-dresser for making a satirical video to expose your prophet?

Um, seems to me that Paul Williams who recently apostatized from your religion to continue his homosexual relationship is a better example of Muhammad than you accuse David of being.

Yahya Snow said...

Yahya Snow said...

See the above link, interesting.

Anonymous said...

if jesus were a god, then what is going on in mark and matthew?

why this //man// this does SPEAK he blasphemies who is ABLE to forgive SINS if not one [that is] god?

jesus replies, “…. why THESE things REASON you in the hearts of you?”

so the pharisees are thinking that jesus is DOING what ONLY god is ABLE to do and NO one else can DO WHAT only god is able to DO and if one claims to do what ONLY god is able to do then that is EVIL/blasphemy.


“…some of the scribes said to themselves this [man] BLASPHEMES!”

jesus’ REPLY, ” …WHY think you EVIL in the hearts of you ?”

(on other occasions he says, ” how can SATAN cast out satan,”
wouldn’t this have been a PERFECT time to say, ” how can god blaspheme AGAINST god”?)

Short Definition: evil, bad,

Definition: evil, bad, wicked, malicious, slothful.

jesus thinks that the jewish thoughts are evil (i.e, who is ABLE TO forgive sins except god?)
the jews are THINKING that what jesus IS DOING is EVIL/ blasphemy.

the poor crowds went away home thinking that what the pharisees assumed was EVIL was infact an authourity given to MEN FROM god .


Short Definition: a man, one of the human race

Definition: a man, one of the human race.

blasphemy : Theology . the crime of assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God.

pharisee jews were told to reject flesh gods, idols and spirit gods, all these false gods were FOREIGN gods yhwh NEVER knew.

how are thier THOUGHTS evil when an eating , breathing , drinking human CLAIMS to do what ONLY a god can? they had the RIGHT thoughts. or maybe jesus was telling them that he isn’t blaspheming because he ISNT what chritians think he is. what makes better sense?


if jc is assuming to himself that he is a god then he has CONFIRMED pharisee THOUGHTS i.e he DID blaspheme.

if jc is ASSUMING to himself equality with yhwh then jc CANNOT CALL thier thoughts EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaa. Are you serious with that link? That's a complete misreading of what sam said. You should correct your friend.

Sam said...

Why don't you allow my comments and accept my debate challenge so we can see who admitted what?

Anonymous said...

shamoun, for gods SAKE , please help paul.

Anonymous said...

Acts 17 Apologetics is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Responses is a site that is dedicated to refuting the many lies and distortions that have been thrown against the true and noble faith of Islam.

This site seeks to respond to several arguments that have been thrown against the true God Allah, his final prophet Muhammad, and the revelation he was sent with which is the Noble Quran.

Anonymous said...
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