Friday, 28 March 2014

Islamophobes and the Denied medical aid - Saudi woman dies

Islamophobes don't care about the person who passed away nor do they care about her family's grief. These people care about using this story to attack Muslims. At the end of the day, we as Westerners don't know what exactly happened and we should simply lobby the Saudi Embassies in our respective countries asking them to look into the story. Surely that's better than hate-mongering against Muslims based on a news story, it's certainly more dignified and noble. Hey, since when did Islamophobes care about dignity and nobility?!

Here's the story:

Riyadh, Feb 7: An ailing woman student at a Saudi university died today as she couldn't get timely medical aid. Her death has stirred controversy on social media after an ambulance was denied access under the conservative Muslim kingdom's segregation laws.
Amna Bawazeer, 24, died of a heart attack in the compound of the social sciences faculty of Riyadh's King Saud University. According to local media, medics in an ambulance were denied access because they were not accompanied by a "mahram", a legal guardian or male member of her family. Angry students have gone on Twitter to blame faculty officials for Bawazeer's death. But the university's administration hit back in a statement to stress that the student had suffered from a heart condition from the age of four. She had died of a heart attack which proved fatal, despite the best efforts of the faculty's own infirmary to save her life

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