Friday, 28 March 2014

Re Yahya Snow Conceals Proof That Muhammad Thighed Aisha

David Wood is at it again. He couldn't help himself could he? He even throws a few insults my way which I shall not dignify with a response as he was simply trying to be malicious.

I'm going to be preoccupied offline for the next ~48 hours. I've set a few other posts on schedule so they will, God willing, show up soon.

However, as for Dave's recent deception I challenge him to debate me on what he said about thighing.

He has my email, he can email me his response to my challenge.

Nobody is trying to conceal anything here. I can tell you a response post is planned on this subject and will be posted soon, God willing. For people to make out that there is some sort of concealment taking place is derisory. Just because Shamoun's comments get deleted does not mean there is deception taking place. For a while Shamoun has been spamming my blog with insults to Islam and other Muslim apologists. Why should I approve any of his comments? Why? His comments have not been approved for weeks, they just get deleted. He spams links and insults. Is that edifying?

Then when the sensible thing is done, that's to say his comments are removed/unapproved, I get accused of deception. Is that fair?

Whilst you're waiting for David to respond and for my response to the material he presented, see the David Wood section and see what he just doesn't want you to see and what he's never responded to out of 51 posts (see older posts too):

An appeal

I appeal to those followers of David Wood, please stop giving him money. ANYBODY can sit at home and regurgitate negative stories about Muslims, it doesn't take great intellect or insight to do so - decent and moral people do not stoop to such depraved levels. It's not evangelism. It's provocation and hate-mongering.

I urge you to reflect on what Negeen Mayel has said about David Wood. She knew him, she knew his operation yet she denounced him:


Sam said...

The beauty of Islam and Muhammad:

Sam said...

I noticed that like the typical coward you are you didn't even bother posting a link to Wood's blogpost calling you out for your cowardice.

Radical Moderate said...

Oh No Yahya Snow has issued another bogus debate challenge lol.

Sure you will debate David or anyone on any subject. Face it Snowman your a fraud.

Sam said...

We are calling out your bluff and gladly accept your debate challenge:

Time to put up and overcome your repulsive cowardice!

Anonymous said...

Refuting David Wood

Anonymous said...

Sami Zaatari's Refutations to sam Shamoun

Anonymous said...

Yahya won't debate David. Watch and see.

Radical Moderate said...

David Wood accepts your debate Challenge.

Yahya Snow's Debate Challenge on "Thighing" Happily Accepted!

But we all know Yahya that this was just another one of your many fake debate Challenges.

Here is what will happen. You tell David that you will get back to him when you find a Muslim who is willing to debate him on that topic.

Sam said...

Obliterating Bassam Zawadi and his deen:

Anonymous said...

Great Job brother Yahya, Sam is desperate asking for the attention, because his apologist career is dying and he knows that very well. He has no academic credentials, So he is so desperate for the spotlight. Leave him, Let his apologist career die.

Anonymous said...

That absolutely makes no sense at all. Why would you delete something that can be used to your advantage and supports your claim for the supposed insults?

its like making a claim about something but getting rid of the evidence that supports the claim.

Would a lawyer get rid of evidence that helps his case against someone?

yahya that is a terrible excuse

Anonymous said...