Monday, 17 March 2014

Sikh Convert to Islam in UAE fears for family’s safety back home

A Muslim convert believes his family in India are in danger because he changed religion.

Last year Abdullah Singh, 37, told his relatives he was converting from Sikhism. Since then, he says, his wife and two children have been receiving death threats.

He said he was disowned by his family and cut out of his inheritance.

Mr Singh is desperate to bring his wife, Rebecca, four-year-old son Ankosh and two-year-old daughter Hatel to the UAE but cannot because his salary is too low.

To qualify for family sponsorship a resident must earn a minimum of Dh4,000 a month. He earns Dh800. “Returning to India is out of the question,” said Mr Singh, 37, who was known as Nidhan Mohinder Singh before his conversion.

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