Friday, 14 March 2014

Did the BBC Censor a Discussion About Being Gay and Muslim?

This intense focus on homosexuals within the Muslim and Christian communities seems to be part of an agenda by the media. If you want to learn about homosexuals (gays and lesbians) and Islam why not simply just ask the questions to an imam - no need for cameras, a debate or a huge fanfare. Once you've asked and received an authoritative answer then move on - no need for any commotion.

As for this BBC3 'debate', the BBC has denied having censored it:

The makers of BBC3's Free Speech have denied censoring a debate about being gay and Muslim, saying the topic was pulled because of security concerns after threats were received by the mosque where the programme was filmed. []

If you are a homosexual (lesbian or gay) and are looking into Islam please see the following article by a Muslim scholar, Suhaib Webb:


Radical Moderate said...
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Radical Moderate said...

Yahya says "Just ask Muslims about Gay Muslims"

People do and this is what happens.

""Content from a pre-recorded segment, which covered the topic of homosexuality and Islam, was played ahead of transmission on Radio 1 and on local radio. The mosque received threats which gave us cause for concern to the security of their community.

Radical Moderate said...

Yahya what do you think of "Moderate Muslim" Maajid Nawaz tweeting a picture of Mohamed and Jesus?