Thursday, 22 January 2015

Abby Martin and Chris Hedges Defending Islam and Muslims

I just wish some of our Muslim spokespersons and imams were able to defend Islam and Muslims to the degree Chris Hedges and Abby Martin did on this program. Sadly, all too often now, we simply have Muslims cowering in the metaphorical corner when discussing matters of terrorism on mainstream media or alternatively we have ignorant provocateurs such as Anjem Choudary. Sadly, it's rare to see Muslims able to articulate arguments and points such as Abby Martin and Chris Hedges.

Note to Muslim speakers: when you are invited on mainstream media your job is not to cower in the corner. Your job is to condemn it firstly, point out the religion does not allow terrorism (show some evidence for this) and then point to the reasons behind terrorism and how people can work collaboratively in order to prevent further terrorism.

Take some notes from Abby Martin and Chris hedges if you have to.

Chris Hedges on Roots of Terrorism, Free Speech Hypocrisy and Translating #JeSuisCharlie

Abby Martin on Charlie Hebdo

She points out the Boko Haram attack in Nigeria has received so little press coverage compared to the killings of French citizens.

President Goodluck Jonathan is criticised by Abby Martin for his lack of/delayed response towards the Boko Haram killings. Abby Martin believes groups of Boko Haram will only continue with their butchery due to the apathy around their killings.

Abby Martin denounces the propaganda that Muslims aren't condemning terrorist attacks. She goes on to deride this craziness of holding all Muslims responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack and states no Muslim should have to condemn these attacks.

Abby Martin highlights the hypocrisy in Europe which operates a selective free speech policy.

Chris Hedges on the terrorist attack in France

Chris Hedges began his article on truthdig as such:

The terrorist attack in France that took place at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was not about free speech. It was not about radical Islam. It did not illustrate the fictitious clash of civilizations. It was a harbinger of an emerging dystopia where the wretched of the earth, deprived of resources to survive, devoid of hope, brutally controlled, belittled and mocked by the privileged who live in the splendor and indolence of the industrial West, lash out in nihilistic fury. [truthdig]

Chris Hedges does not believe the Charlie Hebdo attack is about religion, he believes it's a response "bred out of dispossession, poverty, aimlessness and despair".

Dr Yasir Qadhi and Nouman Ali Khan on Charlie Hebdo attack

 Zionist Hypocrisy over Jews in Finland

Sharia Law against terrorism

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam

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