Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Honesty of Sunni Scholar, Daraqutni

This little account of Daraqutni changing his mind on a Hadith's reliability is just another marvellous example of intellectual honesty on the part of classical Muslim scholars.

Daraqutni, the leading Sunni Hadith scholar of tenth-century Baghdad, espoused the virulent anti-Shiite sentiments typical of Sunnis in a period in which Ismaili and Imami Shiism were triumphant. When he heard the Hadith supposedly said by the Prophet that 'Hasan and Husayn [he two sons of Ali, the second and third Imams] are the two lords of the youth in Heaven,' he dismissed it as a forgery by one Suwayd bin Sa'id. Daraqutni recalled that he clung to this opinion for years, thinking that 'Suwayd had committed a great crime in narrating this Hadith,' until he travelled to Egypt and found the Hadith corroborated by another, reliable chain of transmission...Daraqutni accepted the Hadith as sound and cleared Suwayd's name. 'Misquoting Muhammad', Jonathan A.C Brown, Kindle p178

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