Saturday, 10 January 2015

Christians Evangelists Learning from Nabeel Qureshi's Mistakes

A Chistian commented on one of the videos highlighting Nabeel Qureshi's inaccurate representation of Muslim belief. Through seeing the errors of evangelists such as Nabeel Qureshi, I believe other evnagelists will learn the importance of accurate representation of Muslim sources, belief and history.

There was no excuse making for Nabeel or any insults thrown my way. Here's the Christian's comment:

As a Christian I pray that my witness to Muslims will always be sincere, genuine and accurate.  If I am ever wrong in stating a historical fact I pray that my Muslim friends would correct me and that God would show me and my friends the truth and its importance.  Peace

Perhaps Christians are realising how misleading folk such as Nabeel Qureshi are actually harming the effort of Christian evangelism.

Here's the video the Christian commented on

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Yahya:

From Minoria,I'm no expert but based on Basam's greater knowledge of it,one has to agree Nabeel has not reanalyzed his position,or if he has,he is going against the evidence.

I had sent a comment to David Wood's blog about his position in his debate with Osama that ISIS is Islamic. I said that since there is no evidence the historical Muhammad would have approved of the indiscriminate killing of civilians as a terror tactic(as done by Hamas,ISIS,Hezbollah,etc) to be employed in a war,
then ISIS would be anti-Muhamad,anti-Islam.

To my surprise it was not accepted,so it doesn't appear.I have come to the conclusion that Wood,Shamoun,and others,Christian and non-Christian Westerners,know this detail but due to lack of intellectual honesty, will not admit the obvious:

Hamas,Al-Qaida,Hezbullah,etc, have created a war tactic( to kill as many innocent civilians as possible) that does not appear in the Muslim accounts as being part of any war tactic used by Muhammad.

Nor by Muslim armies in 1400 years,in general.True,Tamerlane,killed 100,000 innocent Hindus in Delhi (14th century),but it is not a war tactic approved by any Islamic law school,nor in any hadiths.

So based on that,Wood,Anthony Rogers,Shamoun,are not being intellectually honest.Will they change?The answer is no.Nor do I think Radical Moderate will ever change.People,after the age of 20,never change,except in a few cases.So though they have been born-again for years,it doesn't show,what matters is how a person acts,not what he says.
You see that in the case of Sam Shamoun who ever since he was a Christian has insulted people for no reason.Or if there was,he couldn't act like a grown-up and answer in a professional way,going against Jesus' advice to be diplomatic and use common sense:
"Be as clever as a snake and as innocent as a dove."