Sunday, 4 January 2015

Without Asking How

Abu Isa Tirmidhi explained that true scholars knew that Hadiths 'dealing with God's attributes and the Lord most high's descending every night to the lowest heavens, these narrations have been established and are to be believed'. Sunni ulama must teach 'that one should not fall into error concerning such Hadiths or say "How could this be?" The correct approach to such Hadiths, wrote Tirmidhi, is to 'take them as is without asking how'

For the Sunni school of thought, God 'established Himself on the throne' and one could point upward to where He ruled 'above the heavens and the earth,' as the Quran described. Hadiths foretold how, on the Day of Judgement, believers would be granted a beatific vision of their Lord, seeing Him 'like you see the moon on the night of its fullness.' These things were and would be, and man could not understand how. God's hands, eyes and speech were real, although man could never grasp their true nature or description for 'there is nothing like unto Him' (42:11). God was all-powerful, all-knowing and beyond our conception. Muslims should simply affirm what the Quran and the Prophet told them about God's nature and not plumb the depths of these questions. 'Misquoting Muhammad', Jonathan A.C Brown, Kindle p44-45

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