Thursday, 15 January 2015

When Jews fought alongside Muslims against Christian crusaders

The Jews fought alongside Muslims against Christian crusaders - this action of Jewish bravery contributed in part to the persecuted levelled at Jews residing in Europe.

An interesting thought here is it possible that European white supremacy has roots from the Crusades. One of the reasons behind the crusades, according to Miranda Threlfall-Holmes was to inculcate a sense of European Christian identity.

One motivation behind the preaching of the crusades by successive popes seems to have been deliberately to create a sense of pan-European Christian identity, and Jews throughout Europe suffered as a consequence. It was also the case that Jews fought alongside Muslims to defend Jerusalem from the first crusaders, and this contributed to a sense of Jews as the enemy within. The first widespread persecution of Jews in medieval Europe occurred in the Rhineland at the time of the First Crusade, when the Jewish communities there were virtually wiped out. The Essential History of Christianity, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, SPCK, 2012, p65

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