Friday, 2 January 2015

Sikhs Who Over Emphasise Muslim Abuse of Sikh Girls

This is a repost to Sikhs who over emphasise abuse committed by Muslims in relation to Sikh girls while pretty much ignoring the far greater number of abuse cases involving Non-Muslims. Is there some sort of prejudice that leads a Sikh to focus on Pakistani Muslims and Muslims in general rather than other faith/ethnic groups?

What about all the abuses Sikh girls receive from non Muslim English and Afro Caribbean guys? And what about the abuse from Sikh guys?

To think that a minority such as the Muslim minority in the UK is doing some sustained and planned abuse is stupid.  And to not mention the abuses Sikh girls face from Sikh guys and nonMuslim English guys is shocking.
Muslims and Sikhs need to work together more in the UK:
One of the problems in ethnic communities such as the Sikh community is white supremacy. A lot of people looking up to the dominant culture of white English people and thus never saying anything about the negative influences the English culture and communities (esp boys) are having on Sikh girls.
For some reason, I don't think it's the Muslim communities that are encouraging Sikh girls to wear immodest clothing, go out drinking, clubbing and dating. I don;t think Muslims are the ones looking to recruit Sikh girls (or any other ethnic girl in the UK be she Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jew or whatever) for pornographic pictures and videos.
All this focus on instances involving Muslim boys while ignoring the far greater number of instances involving Non-Muslims (i.e. NonMuslim Sikhs, Hindus English and Afro Caribbean boys).
People need to stop with this over exaggeration of bad instances involving Muslims. 
Wake up!
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