Friday, 9 January 2015

Was Krishna a Prophet?

The leading Sufi of Delhi in Shah WaliAllah's day was Mazhar Jan-e Janan, who affirmed that Krishna (in Hinduism, an avatar of the god Vishnu) had been a prophet and that the Hindu Rig Veda was divinely inspired scripture even if Hindus in his own time had descended into polytheism. 'Misquoting Muhammad', Jonathan A.C Brown, Kindle p60

Was Krishna a prophet of God, who taught pure monotheism, but was later wrongly believed to be a deity? If this is true, this would be similar to what happened to Jesus (p), he was sent by God as a messenger but Trinitarian Christians wrongly ended up believing he is God.

Of course, we don't know whether Krishan was a Prophet of not. This is just an interesting hypothesis which is out there.

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