Saturday, 10 January 2015

Oppressed can become oppressors

The oppressed begins to imagine how he can hurt the oppressor, how he can cause his oppressor to feel pain. We engage in such retributive behaviour in our everyday lives, spurred by the oppression we feel from others. We feel hurt and anger, and we plan revenge. It might take a form of giving a spouse the silent treatment for a few days; it might turn into an attack on the property of those who stole from us; it might be unleashing vicious slander against someone who betrayed us; or it might be a suicide bomb against a long-standing and violent aggressor. As the enormity of the wrong increases, so too often does the enormity of the response. The Prayer of the Oppressed, Hamza Yusuf,Sandala Productions, 2010, Kindle Loc. 175

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