Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ex Buddhist Talks About the Trinity to Christians

This is an article from a former Buddhist who has become a Muslim. She wants this article shared so she can get the message of the truth of Islam out to Christians:

Based on the Trinity concept, God is One Being in three different persons. The Trinity Concept conclude that God is One Being. So here is my thought...

Here is a fact about the concept of the Trinity. The fact is based on the Trinity, there are 3 different persons existing at the same time.

And knowing the trinity that there are 3 different beings existing at the same time. Our mind will automatically and naturally picture 3 different conscious beings. This is how our mind works logically and naturally that we cannot escape, when knowing there are 3 different persons existing at the same time.

So when we have 3 different conscious beings on our mind. This contradicts against the teaching of Trinity that conclude God as One Being when our mind will have 3 different consious beings. And we cannot escape this from our mind, it is how our mind works naturally and logically. It is how God created our mind to work logically and naturally.

Since knowing that there are 3 different conscious beings will naturally and logically have 3 different beings in our mind that we cannot escape but of course can insincerely to ourselves and ignore. Having 3 different conscious beings in our mind contradicts to the belief that God is One Being. In other words, trinity contradicts with logic. Which means trinity is illogical.

Some christians might say God is complex, we just need to have faith and accept Him. But to accept God, we need to know who God is and knowing God involves knowing the Trinity, and the Trinity is clearly a contradiction with logic that I have explained above. So it is false to say that Trinity is complex because the explanation above is clear that the trinity is illogical. Complexity might not be an error and might not be wrong, but illogical is an error. The trinity clearly falls on the illogical category.

In Islam, we believe that Allah is beyond our inagination. But what we are being taught in the Quran that Allah is One Absolute Being. This concept does not have any contradiction to believing God is One Being at all. In fact, it is absolutely clear and logical.

So if we compare Islam and Christianity, their concept and teaching in God is One Being. Islam is clear and logical whereas trinity can be fairly concluded to be clearly illogical based on my explanation.

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