Monday, 10 August 2015

Muslim Scholar Responds to Pakistani Child Sex Abuse Scandal

The recent child abuse scandal in Pakistan highlights a problem that has become taboo in our community yet is endemic: sexual molestation of children.

The sad truth is that on average, 1 in 5 girls worldwide are molested (and these are what have been reported; I would venture that the fraction is even higher than that). And of course boys are molested as well. What is truly terrifying is that most molestors are not strangers, but rather family and friends.

In my own interactions with the Muslim community, I have had way too many cases of this nature brought to my attention, typically by the victims once they have grown older and want to do something about it. But the community does not want to hear about the reality of this problem, and would rather avoid even mentioning it.

Parents: PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES ON THE REALITY OF SEXUAL ABUSE, ITS SYMPTOMS, AND ITS PREVENTION. Teach your children, even as young as four or five, that some areas of their body are off limits to ANYONE unless its a doctor in your presence.

Be on the look out for signs of sexual abuse (physical and mental). And be more believing of young children if they raise concerns, for typically a child cannot make up such a story of molestation and lie about it. Establish extremely strict rules about when and where they can spend the night away from home (or better yet: put a blanket ban on spending the night in anyone else's house). And never, ever let a false sense of 'protecting the honor of someone' prevent you from exposing or prosecuting a legitimate case of child abuse. Anyone who would dare sexually exploit a child deserves ZERO sympathy, and in my opinion if you help cover up such a crime, you are a criminal as well.

May Allah bring the people who did this heinous deed in Pakistan to justice, and may He bring peace and heal the wounds of those innocent children.

Taken from Dr Yasir Qadhi's FB

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