Monday, 24 August 2015

Muslim Attack on France Was NOT a Terrorist Attack!!

The Islamophobes have been caught spreading lies on this one AGAIN. It turns out the criminal who attacked passengers on the train in France was not a radical extremist Muslim linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda etc. he was simply a thief in dire need of money.

BTW Well done to the Americans who stopped the criminal. But let's be clear here, the Islamophobes who spread their hateful and deceitful spin on this were misleading people.

So a few days ago, a Muslim attacked passengers on a train in France, and was tackled and held down by some Americans who happened to be on the train.

Obviously, none of us has any sympathy for a man who's carrying a gun and attacking innocents. What's sad was that immediately it was announced that the person, so it was claimed, had ties to 'Islamist jihadist' groups, and instantaneously this became yet another 'radical Muslim extremist' attack. In fact, we are all so immune to this association of Islam with terrorism that most of us Muslims also assumed that this guy was another crazy ISIS supporter type.

Yet, it turns out that he was just a 'regular' thief who, desperate for food, decided to rob a train for money. In fact, the robber is 'dumbfounded' by the accusations that he is a radical jihadist. Turns out, at one point in his life, he was a drug dealer!

Of course this doesn't justify or mitigate his crime, but the point here is that (surprise surprise) Muslims also commit regular crimes not linked to terrorism!!

Taken from Dr Yasir Qadhi's FB

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