Thursday, 20 August 2015

UK Church Hosts Speaker Inciting Hatred and Fear of Muslims!

A church in Middlesbrough witnesses hate-preaching against Muslims by a Christian speaker called Jonathan McLatchie. Jonathan presents an old right wing hoax about French no-go-zones and mentions sharia courts in the UK even though there are Jewish courts in the UK too as well as expressing his unsavoury views towards Muslim communities by likening our communities to viruses and cancers. Make no mistake here, Jonathan McLatchie is speaking like a non-violent extremist in hate-preaching and fear-mongering. I hope somebody in that church stamps out anti-Muslim hate-preaching.

Jonathan McLatchie's propagation of extremist views and anti-Muslim propaganda is dangerous to British Muslims in this climate of Islamophobia where Muslims are being subjected to violence and discrimination on a regular basis. British Muslims should not be afraid to speak out against people who are hate-mongering against our communities.

If the video does not play please see here:

Video description: This bout of Islamophobic bigotry and propaganda was presented by Jonathan McLatchie in a presentation which was delivered at St. Timothy's Parish Church, Middlesbrough, England. Jonathan McLatchie sounds like a member of a far right Christian group here. I'm not saying he is a member of any racist and/or Islamophobic group but his comments are certainly extremist and hate-preaching. In this clip I have used an old video I made rebuking a well known Islamophobe, Robert Spencer, for presenting the same lie as Jonathan did (Muslim/Sharia no-go-zones in France). Jonathan McLatchie, rounds off his bigotry as he describes Muslim communities as 'cancers' which reminded me of another Islamophobe who goes by the name Sam Shamoun. Quite what this type of propaganda is doing in a church is beyond me.

Another person heavily featured in this video is Robert Spencer who helped popularize this no-go-zone lie. For more on Spencer see:

There was also a clip of an Islamophobe called Sam Shamoun in this video, for more on this shamed missionary see:

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