Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ravi Zacharias Scandal: Not A Dr and Not a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge

So Ravi Zacharias appears to have no doctorates and people have been misappropriating the tile 'Dr' onto Ravi Zacharias. Apparently he only received honorary doctorates. How many Christian followers of Ravi Zacharias have been misdirected by this. Not only this, it appears as though folk have been claiming Ravi Zacharias was a visiting scholar at Cambridge university. This again was a false claim.

One of the biggest problems in Christian apologetics and evangelism today is a lack of honesty. Christians are regularly being caught misdirecting, misleading, fabricating and outright lying about themselves, in their apologetics arguments or just plain lying in polemics against Non Christian faiths/peoples.

Christians are being taken for a ride by con men in their churches. People like Ergun Caner are not one offs. There's a lot of dishonesty in Christian evangelism. Christians wake up. Don't allow dishonest Christian apologists and evangelists to take you for an expensive ride.

This is a video compilation, of the man who investigated Ravi Zacharias, which I put together to capture the two main points against Ravi Zacharias in this scandal.

Ravi Zacharias Scandal: Honorary Degrees and Visiting Scholar at Cambridge Claim

Dishonesty and bad arguments from Ravi Zacharias' Mentee Dr Nabeel Qureshi

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