Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What Non Muslim Women Really Think About Muslim Men

Muslim men have done it again. We have forged a reputation of being people of security for Non Muslim women. Non Muslim women feel Muslim men are upright men who are non-threatening. In fact they'd rather travel with Muslm men as Muslim men don't drink, are more responsible and are seen as less of a danger to the women (less risk of predatory sexual behaviour etc.).

All of this talk about women only train carriages reminds me of a story withFahad Ansari going back to 2006/2007. We were in Scotland taking a train from I believe Aberdeen to Glasgow quite late at night on a weekend. The train was nearly entirely empty except for us on one end, and a group of very young and drunk white Scottish boys on the other end.

At one of the stops during our journey, a young girl gets on to our carriage, surveys the situation before her and decides that instead of sitting on any number of the completely free and available seats, decides to sit down with us on our table of 4! Fahad (who she sat next to) gives me this look of, "Typical, only time it is useful to sit with two bearded Muslim men is when seeking cover from drunken lads."

Actually reminds me of something Long Distance Clara said to me once when we were travelling to Sweden together - again in 2007 at a time we were doing a lot of investigation work abroad. We were at Stanstead Airport and she suddenly says:

"Asim, dont get offended and hear me out. I've come up with a theory about Muslim men, but want to make sure you dont get offended by it."
"Go ahead Clara, I'm sure I wont be."
"Well....Now that I've been spending a lot of time around Muslim men, for me they are little like the new gay for non-Muslim women." She says...
"You're going to have to explain yourself a little more clearly."
"Basically, gay men are useful travelling companions for women, because women know they will be safe and wont get harmed around them. But I've found Muslim men are equally safe to travel around, except with the added benefit that they dont get drunk and do crazy things."

Taken from Asim Qureshi's FB