Friday, 21 August 2015

Report: Islamophobe Verbally Abuses a Muslim Woman in London!

Here's a report from a Muslim lady in London who has claimed to have been subjected to Islamophobia (found on DOAM's FB)

"Yesterday I went out in my lunch break and stopped off at the 99p store in Brixton; across the road from Brixton police station. When I entered the queue, there was an older gentleman in front of me, with grey hair and wearing a red t-shirt: I didn’t give him another thought. But then he turned around and noticed that I was behind him, he began acting very shifty, giving me dirty and evil stares.

For some reason, he let me go in front of him, confused but still not paying attention, I naively said ‘thank you’ and stood in front of him. I noticed he refused to move forward and had a fair distance between us. A lady told him to “move on would you,” what came next was really mind boggling and disturbing… The same gentleman replied “she will blow herself up!” I turned around in utter shock, he then continued to hurl abuse at me; calling me every name under the sun. He told me to “F off” (using the entire word) and to “go back to my country” and that I “do not belong here”. Then, to my utter dismay, he screamed that “I will shoot you back to Afghanistan!”

I gave him a piece of my mind and then decided to get my phone out and record him as evidence. Although a few old ladies were kind enough to intervene, the 99p store security guard did not even come towards neither of us! That was shocking to me but the least of my worries. Once I took my phone out the gentleman started to behave himself and kept awfully quiet (apart from the f word) but I have uploaded his picture before below instead of the video because that is evidence for the police. I reported this incident to the police because people like him should not be let off easily.

 I have no hope in the justice system nor do I have hope that he will be caught let alone dealt with, but what I do know is that I aim to expose this worthless racist man in hope that he sees it and will realise that Justice remains In-tact and that not everyone is like him or shares the same views as he does. One thing I do know is that I will not allow ignorant people to tell me what to do. He sure messed with the wrong type of person that afternoon. Please SHARE!!"

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