Monday, 17 August 2015

Jonathan McLatchie's Amazing Admission on the New Testament and Sola Scriptura

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There's an important admission from the Christian apologist Jonathan McLatchie where he admits Christians are relying on Church tradition when it comes to their belief that each book in the 'New Testament' is inspired by God. My thoughts after reading the exchange between Paul Williams and Jonathan McLatchie:

Wow, so anti-Catholic fundamentalist Christian bigots are relying on the Catholic church. Interesting. Not only this, the NT does not describe all four of those books they call Gospels as ‘inspired’ – Gospel of John is not described as Scripture within the NT…only Luke (though as Paul argues above this person known as Luke did not seem to think his writing was ‘inspired’)???
I salute Jonathan Mclatchie for giving it to us without the filter…people like Jay Smith and James White could learn from him. I hope Jonathan becomes a Muslim and I hope the anti-Catholic Christian bigots think about the important information Paul (‘Williams’ not ‘of Tarsus’) and Jonathan Mclatchie have shared. We really need to get this information out to Christians. I bet most lay Christians have no clue. Their pastors distract them with music, dancing and emotional preaching while their apologists pull the wool over their eyes.
But what about the Apocrypha? The Catholics have a few extra books in their Bible. Serious question, why don’t the Christians not include these in their Bibles? After all aren’t they not trusting the Catholic Church’s word on the 27 books they currently have, why don’t they not be consistent and trust the Catholic church on the extra books? Have I missed something?

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