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A Christian Fundamentalist on Pakistan and Prostitution

I received a comment from a fundamentalist American Christian who was eager to tell me about the problem of prostitution in Pakistan. I'm like, wait a minute, are you a man who revels in misery? Where is your compassion? Why is it so important for you as an American fundamentalist Christian who dislikes Islam to present this information to Muslims?

Firstly, Islam does not allow prostitution and secondly Pakistan outlaws prostitution. Thirdly, the women who get involved in prostitution are generally doing so out of poverty:

Although they are legally outlawed, the number of sex workers in the country has increased over the past few years. Growing unemployment and inflation and the resulting rise in poverty have led many down this road. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8222222.stm]

You'd think this fundamentalist Christian would be focussing on his own country as there is a state within his country which permits prostitution:

The state of Nevada is the only jurisdiction in the United States where prostitution is permitted [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Nevada]

Furthermore, has this man not even stopped to think about the misery of prostitution? If he did so he would not be using the sad plight of some girls in Pakistan for his purposes of antagonism and argumentation. Think about the STDs and other problems that come with prostitution in poverty-stricken countries:

From a healthcare perspective, there is under-reporting of sexually transmitted diseases in Pakistani female sexual workers, because the topic in itself is a no-go area.

However, according to a study done in 2009, titled ‘Care seeking for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) symptoms in Pakistan’, over half of the female sexual workers, male sexual workers, transsexuals, intravenous drug abusers and truck drivers who had experienced symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases received treatment for their symptoms. The study also states that approximately one third of them did not report their symptoms to a healthcare unit. Most care is received from private clinics rather than public ones. Genital-related symptoms were the most commonly reported.
Female sexual workers could be the source of STIs like syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2) and Hemophilus Ducreyi. A local study ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pakistan‘ at an STI clinic in Faisalabad concluded the highest number of cases reporting treatment for Syphilis.

Also transmitted sexually are diseases like Hepatitis B and HIV;  unprotected sexual intercourse leads to the spread of these diseases. [http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/18295/dha-the-hub-of-open-air-prostitution-in-karachi/]

Now you tell me if Christians are really allowed to trample upon the misery of these poor women in order to bash Muslims online? You tell me why this Christian is not focussing on the problem of prostitution in his own country and other countries rather than a poor Muslim country? What about all those Western sex tourists that travel to Asia to have sex with poverty-stricken boys and girls? Is this Christian fundamentalist only going to talk about a poverty-stricken Muslim country or is he going to actually develop a sense of context and humanity and begin to think about matters in a manner which is sensitive and mature?

This Christian's insecurity around Muslims?

I think it's also important to mention Christian fundamentalist misuse of Muslim misbehaviour - especially concerning those in poverty-stricken areas. These Christian fundamentalists almost appear to take delight in seeing Muslims behave in an unislamic way. Perhaps it's born out of their insecurities as I'd imagine in their hearts they really believe Muslims are better behaved than Christians. Here is an article which statistically shows Muslims to be the best behaved sexually amongst all religious groups:

We are constantly bombarded by Islamophobes (many of whom are evangelical Christians) who portray Muslims negatively. It's interesting to note this study which impresses the sexual purity of Muslims being better than people of other faiths.

Here we see Muslims are the least likely to have sex before marriage and are also the least likely to cheat on their partner out of all the faith groups studied. Ladies, find a Muslim man to marry!

Another interesting finding was that Muslim population increases actually decreases the rates of premarital sex in other faith groups too. So clearly more Muslims in your country means the other faith groups are influenced to be better sexually-behaved.

Can we expect the Christian evangelicals in America (who have a real problem with premarital sex within their community) to advocate Muslim immigration into Christian America to help American Christians behave better sexually?!

Snips from the article: Muslims Have Least Sex Outside Marriage, Study Suggests

Of all the world's major religious groups, Muslims are the least likely to have sex outside of marriage, new research found. And as a country's Muslim population grows, the rate of premarital sex declines for all residents, even non-Muslims, according to the study.
Researchers analyzed the responses of over 620,000 people (ages 15-59) who were interviewed as part of the Demographic and Health Surveys in 31 mostly developing nations from 2000 to 2008. Most countries included in the sample had either a Muslim or Christian majority, except India and Nepal, which have Hindu majorities, and Cambodia which has a Buddhist majority. (The United States was not included in the study.)
They found that, overall, the odds of married Muslims reporting premarital sex are 53 percent lower than for Christians. Hindus are 40 percent less likely to report premarital sex, compared with Christians. Meanwhile, Jews and Buddhists have greater chances of having sex before getting hitched than Christians do, according to the study.
The researchers believe these results could be linked to Muslims' greater adherence to strict religious tenets that only allow sex within marriage. As many Muslim leaders place heavy importance on fidelity in marriage, it might be no surprise that Muslims also are less likely than Hindus, Christians and Jews to report extramarital sex, as the study found.
What's more, the religious values of a Muslim majority in a country seem to exert a big influence on the wider population's sexual norms. A 1 percent increase in the percentage of Muslims in a nation caused a 2 percent decrease in the likelihood of premarital sex for all citizens, regardless of their religious identity, the study found. (The researchers note that an increase in the Muslim population in a country did not further reduce the odds of premarital sex among just Muslims.)

Read entire article: http://www.livescience.com/24093-muslims-have-least-sex-outside-marriage.html

The next time you see some Muslim-hater inciting hatred against Muslims please do point them in the direction of this study. Muslims are doing a great deal of good in this world sadly some folk want to wrongly present Muslims in a negative fashion

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

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