Monday, 22 May 2017

Muslim Scholar Reacted to Manchester Arena Terror Attack

Muslim scholar Abu Eesa writes:

To my friends, students and followers in our peerless city of Manchester:

- Taxi drivers and those with cars, please get close to the police cordon near Deansgate, Cheetham Hill Rd and Bury New Rd, and the surrounding area. There are hundreds of terrified people who just need to get home, and I saw myself personally that junctions on the M60 and M61 are closed to get in to the city. If you are inside the inner ring, please go and help.

- For those with flats/rooms in the city centre, especially down Cheetham Hill Rd and even Rusholme including students with digs at the Universities, please post online with #RoomforManchester just to take in those who need shelter and help.

- Medics in the city centre, please contact your department heads asap.

- The many Muslims living around Khizra Masjid, the police cordon is near the Green Quarter and there are many confused affected people who need comfort, refreshments and support. It is just a 20 minute walk straight down, please go if you can.

- This is an essential time for us to donate blood for specific and general needs. The main donation centre is on Plymouth Grove, Manchester, M13 9LL, right opposite the MRI. It opens at 9am.

- At all times please remember the dignity of the injured and terrified, please don't post photos and videos of them online.

The people of Manchester are scared and shocked right now, but this great city will never bow to terrorism. Our job is to comfort and help. And remember not to lose heart: the perpetrators *will* pay, whether in this life or the next.



Abu Eesa writes:

Thank you so so much to everyone who responded to our call for help last night, showing to the world that our #ManchesterStrong spirit is not just a convenient hashtag but a reality that will help everyone get through this tragedy.

The latest advice below now abrogates everything from last night so please read and share.

- A note to especially our taxi drivers of whom many will have been in the vicinity of the MEN Arena last night: if you can remember anything or recorded anything that might not have made sense to you then but could help now - as well as *anyone* else that might be seeing this unfold and the suspicious behaviour of a family member or friend in the past might be making sense now - please contact the Anti-Terror Hotline on 0800 789321 or upload any relevant footage to or

- There is no need for blood donations at the moment, the services are being overwhelmed and only those with pre-booked appointments should attend ESPECIALLY if you have blood type O negative

- There is no need in the immediate vicinity for any help and people should remain clear of the area

- The best and most efficient way of finding about those missing and affected is by calling 0161 856 9400 and 0161 856 9900. A help centre for anyone needing assistance has also been set up outside Gate 11 of The Etihad Stadium on Ashton New Rd, Manchester.

- Please open your hearts even wider and donate to this appeal to support the families of those who were killed and injured in the attack - I also hope that if you are free, you will support our great city at the vigil this evening which will be held in Albert Square, in Manchester, at 6pm.

We are grieving, we are shocked, but we must remain focused and united to get through this test of our humanity. Thank you all again for your love and support!