Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Reputation for Rudeness Is Difficult to Shake Off, Ask Pfander...

This Christian group, Pfander Centre for Apologetics, comes across as really rude, condescending and obnoxious towards Muslims at times at Speakers Corner. Muslims should not make the same public relations mistakes as this Christian missionary group. Young Muslim preachers should be wary of perceptions - make sure you don't get a bad reputation in the field. Whichever community you're preaching to make sure they do not think you're rude. Politeness goes along way.

Pfander members Lizzie Schofield, Beth Grove, Sarah Foster, Hatun and Jay Smith

In this video Beth Grove is told off for being rude by a fellow Christian

In this video they are mocking somebody's lack of ability in English

In this video Lizzie Schofield is being rude and is told to stop shouting and have manners

Constant interrupting from Beth in discussion with Shabir Yusuf

I hope Lizzie Schofield, Sharon Hoy, Sarah Foster, Hatun Tash and Beth Grove will reflect on why Jay Smith's Pfander Ministries and Pfander Films has accrued such caustic and extremist anti-Muslim followers over the years. I hope Muslim preachers and Muslim organisations will be extra careful in not developing the reputation Pfander has with Muslims in the eyes of Christians they are giving dawah to.