Friday, 19 May 2017

Sadegh's Testimony Story Is An Embarrassment to Chrisians - Unbelievable and Pfander Ministries!

Folks, I know we Muslims are just sick of weird “conversion” stories being peddled by Christian missionary organisations of Muslims becoming Christians.

Embarrassing to serious-minded Christians 

They are full of dramatics or some dream story or just really clichéd – almost like they are manufactured/moulded stories from a certain perspective.

A lady, Lizzie Schofield, who works for/with a Christian missionary organisation which is known for disregarding accuracy and intellectual honesty, Pfander Ministries, writes:

I was at an evangelism conference when I found myself sitting next to a very friendly Iranian man, arms covered in ‘John 3:16’ bracelets.[I think she means wrist bands]. I asked what brought him to London? He told me his extraordinary testimony of coming out of Islam to faith in Christ, and that I was free to publicise it to the whole world.

The story of this Iranian (asylum seeker?) convert to Christianity called Sadegh appeared to be shaped for an evangelical audience. Perhaps to make Christians feel a sense of accomplishment and confirmation bias or just to encourage donations into Christian evangelicalism so folks like him can  earn a living.

Who knows, but this guy, Sadegh, was either really ignorant or was shaping his narrative for his Christian audience as he proclaimed he was taught to worship Prophet Muhammad:

Also, I was only ever told good things about Muhammad, and that we were to worship and pray to him. I thought why should I? He’s dead!

No Muslims worship Prophet Muhammad. Shame on Christian missionary organisations which promote Sadegh. Muslims worship the God of Jesus, Muhammad and Moses. The only Being worthy of worship: Allah.

Here is a podcast where Muslims discuss Sadegh’s “extraordinary testimony” - Christians are out of touch if they think Muslims will take Sadegh's story seriously. How does a Christian evangelist expect to be taken seriously in the eyes of a Muslim while propagating such a story?