Monday, 1 July 2013

Afraid? Nah!

Update: Debate Review of 'Was Muhammad a True Prophet?' [Osama Abdallah v Sam Shamoun]:

ABN's Bassim Gorial asked to apologise for sleaze:

An old post but has a ring of relevance to some hoo-ha at AM:

Weirdest missionary on the net?

According to a radical bigot there is a 'Jesus or Muhammad' marathon (yes, he calls it a 'marathon') taking place and Muslims are so frightened of calling - the coward Yahya Snow leading the backward charge!

Try the London marathon bigots...

I had an opportunity to watch the London marathon a few weeks ago - I didn't bother. What makes these bigots think Muslims in the UK are going to stay up on a work/school night to confront the con artists of ABN. Yes, I wrote 'con artists', one of their leading conmen is a fella named Kamal Saleem who has THREE different Muslim-Christian conversion stories floating about. I guess those coward Muslims are secretly afraid of Kamal Saleem releasing another false conversion story, hence the lack of brave Muslim callers. Those Muslim cowards!!!

Sam Shamoun, really?

Yes, it is he up above. Muslims are running scared of him and keeping his 'Jesus or Muhammad' """marathon""" a secret, hence why the """marathon"""" is so anonymous and is receiving little interest. Or perhaps the shows are simply crowded with attention starved charlatans who have little/no credibility in the apologetic community - never mind the academic community. Eat your heart out Mr Sam 'Muslims can have sex with animals' Shamoun. Or perhaps its a case of nobody is interested in seeing this obscene bigot froth at the mouth whilst risking a hernia in his attmept to inject passionate insults to the proceedings.

For those who are interested in seeing how Shamoun fares in dialogue with Muslims just consult the sack load of posts within the Sam Shamoun section - that's the standard of Shamoun - short fry. But hey, I'm running for the hills...

David Wood the Hulk Hogan of ABN?

Here is a laugh for you, a person who actually met Deceptive David cracked me up with this gem:

What you probably don’t know Paul is that Wood also admitted in the course of one our exchanges that he had once put a person in a sleeper hold, suffocating him. He says he did that because his wife was being threatened, but I doubt that’s the case. [wrtten by IbnAbuTalib on the MuslimDebateInitiative blog:]

Yep, the David Wood section contains some of Deceptive David's strange arguments and episodes - he really knows how to deliver the smackdown (or should I say 'sleeper hold') to those cowardly Muslims.

Hey, Deceptive Dave, you don't need to initiate a 'sleeper hold' to achieve the desired result, this latest  'Jesus or Muhammad' """marathon""" is sleep inducing enough. Sooo sleep inducing that nobody knows it took/is taking place!

But hey, it's not about the fact their 'Jesus or Muhammad' shows on the cash strapped ABN are so dull and repetitive - it's all about the cowardly Muslims who just don't stay up, listen to the oft-refuted arguments (and lies, let's be honest - they churn out their share of liars on ABN) or call the show. It's all about the cowardly Muslims who refuse to turn up to the back yard wrestling extravaganza to face a couple of no-marks. Those cowards peeing their pants at the thought of Deceptive Dave's sleeper hold, you can feel this Muslim quiver in the subtext!

David Wood belongs in a ring - a circus ring or wrestling ring

True Cowards ABN, AnsweringIslam, AnsweringMuslims

I notice when questions are posed of Christianity the aforementioned simply scarper leaving their ardent Christian supporters in a state of confusion. Talk about taking the cash and running...

I ask the 'marathon' boys to pop over to 1MoreMuslim's blog and answer the questions he is posing, in the process help your colleague (Anthony Rogers) out with this series of questions. He seems to have left the building at the onset of those questions. Of course, it's not cowardice to them as he is a Christian who according to Christianity has the 'holy spirit dwelling within'... I'm not entirely sure why Christians are not sharing their 'answers' as folk have been asking for a long time. Why so silent? Perhaps David Wood has been practicing the sleeper hold on these Christians..

Please do answer when you do decide to stop playing WWE in your bedrooms, fellas:


To the fan boys of AM

If you want to learn about Islam, read the Quran yourselves, speak to Muslims and pick a scholarly book up rather than relying on a few unlearned guys trying to cash in on the anti-Muslim bandwagon.


Become a Muslim if you love Jesus (p)

Sexism: Reason to change the Bible

Discover Islam

New Testament Discussed


Anonymous said...

Sham and woods pwnd!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hater is getting mad coz shamoun and wood got pwnd. Anon r u givin dollars to sham and David wood? Shamoun is noise pollution.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Hello Yahya,

One of my comments,one that had an objective statement about Sam Shamoun has disappeared,(I did not take it out) and for that specific comment he said about me:

``Guess what folks, Minoria has now gone to Yahya Snow's blog trying to badmouth me. He has even capitulated to the Muslims by claiming that they have a good argument concerning the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18. And this is the guy claiming that he isn't after attention and affirmation! ``

Since I had written in answeringmuslims (and since the first comment about Sam here has disappeared)

``That said I am not writing this to have the last word,but because I know myself,and I am not full of pride,it is the truth,only that I am not intellectually convinced.That said I will stop here.``

Then I would be contradicting myself if I were to answer to Sams accusation in answeringmuslims.It is an accusation.

First of all,I just repeated here essentially the same thing that I had said there,in answeringmuslims,that he had trouble seeing that others could sincerely,on an intellectual level,accept his arguments.And I gave an example regarding DEUT 18 with its prophecy about the prophet like Moses to come.

That example did not have him in mind,it was the first that came to my head.I had stated that since DEUT 23:7 says that the EDOMITES are the brothers(akh,in Hebrew) of the Jews and that since akh also means RELATIVE(cousin,father,uncle,etc) a Muslim could be sincere in that it is about Muhammad.Tehcnically speaking,there is that possibility.


You see that often in debates with ATHEISTS about if there is a God.

1.If I give the best arguments for God and I think it is 90% in favor the other,sincerely,from his intellectual viewpoint, can say:

``No,at best,at best it is only 50% in favor of God``

2.Then comes the percentage of what percentage is HIGH ENOUGH to convince you.Ok, I could still say to the atheist that 50% is ENOUGH to believe in God,and he could say that for him it is not,he would have to be convinced at least 75%.

3.In fact,atheists Barker,Carrier,Avalos have examined all those arguments and they even say there is no real proof(for them,I assume,not even 10%) for a God exisitng.More on the atheist debate later,which I find fascinating,specially regarding black holes,parallel universes,verifiable out of your body experiences when you are dead,Gary Habermas studies on it,the Paley argument of the watch in the field,and a watchmaker(God),(now it would be the laptop in the field)etc.


So it is almost in the eye of the beholder,I could say that arguing using DEUT 23:7 could at best,on a technical level,mean a 20% possibility that it can apply to an non-Jew.

But a Muslim could say it is at least 50% and more like 60% and even if it is only 50% then that is ENOUGH for him.And he would be sincere,on an intellectual level.

So I later in that same comment said that chapters 15 and 16 of John,with their Paraclete sayings,are against Muhammad in the gospel.And the Koran says he is in the gospel.

Radical Moderate said...
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Anonymous said...
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