Sunday, 7 July 2013

Silly ABN Christian Arguments against Muslim Beliefs of Paradise

Paradise is Physical and Spiritual

This video covers the myth some Christian missionaries present and/or perpetuate of the Muslim belief in Paradise being solely physical. This of course is incorrect, for a Muslim the greatest pleasure is that of seeing Allah. Being in the presence of Allah and being able to see him is a spiritual experience which we should all strive for. For a Muslim, in this life, the spirituality of praying to Allah is unrivalled even in this world - our favourite food and other activities cannot beat the experience Muslims feel when worshipping God in this life. So why should anybody think that the physical would surpass the spiritual in Heaven? It won't.

Sex in Paradise

The video also covers the inconsistent attacks of the Muslim belief that sex is something that does occur in Paradise. For some reason this is a chief objection by Christians - perhaps some use it in a disingenuous fashion to portray Muslims in a manner akin to the sexually-negative portrayals Christian orientalists of the past did. The video expands on Dr Shabir Ally's teachings of there being nothing wrong with sex in Paradise and that it actually helps Muslims to abstain from illicit sexual intercourse in this life.

Dr Shabir Ally makes the point that those who do not believe sex is not something they will experience in Paradise are more likely to fall into the pitfall of adultery and/or fornication (sexual sins). Dr Ally's claims are actually backed up by statistics where it is shown 80% of young evangelical Christians in America engage in sex before marriage whilst a recent study has shown Muslims to be the best behaved with it comes to sex out of all the major faith groups:


Christian missionaries need to stop with such lines of argumentation, try thinking and reflecting upon Muslim teachings and argumentations. If you do so genuinely you will realise the Muslim has the stronger argumentation.

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