Saturday, 6 July 2013

People are seeing through the anti-Muslim lies

OK, Thank you. No I dont speak Spanish. Just wanted to let you know, your videos have shown me how much these people lie, I actually believed in their lies until I learned the true Islam.

Thank you for your good work.

This is a message I received today from a YouTube user


Radical Moderate said...
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Yahya Snow said...


Stop wasting your life being a follower of dishonest missionaries.

Spend more time on the following site;

Radical Moderate said...

Snowman you keep running from me on your own blog lol

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

1.I was away for a while but I want to comment on EZEK 23:20-21's strong language.It is condemning the Jews for idolatry.There is a mistake people who are not into history make,they forget context.

2.The language of EZEK 23 would be considered vulgar in our culture but that was a different culture.The greatest comedy writer in history(along with the French Moliere) was Aristophanes(4th cent BC) and he made references to sexual organs in plays,that till the 70s would have been considered pornographic.

3.When they dug up Pompey in Italy they discovered on the walls statuettes of male sexual organs(and the Italian diggers hacked them out indignantly).But in THAT culture it had nothing indecent,it was a symbol of power,virility.They even had lamps in the shape of a male sex organ.

In the debate with Shabir it seems Sam was not aware of the cultural context.That they then used words and symbols not acceptable in our culture.He didn't explain it.In our culture if Billy Graham or the Pope said something like that they would be condemned,it would be like using the F word,but then it was not.

LIKE THE KISS OF PEACE(it is stated 5X in the NT for Christians to kiss each other in service)

1.Men would kiss men on the cheek or forehead,women would kiss women,men woudl kiss women.It was the CUSTOM in the Greco-Roman world for centuries.

2.Today it is not accepted in our culture,a handshake is enough.In fact in Thailand it is considered impolite to shake a woman's hand,in the churches there they bow their heads to each other.Who are we to force them to change their custom?


I think that a new topic should be debated,how about "END-TIMES IN ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY"

Yahya,I think somebody who would love to debate that topic,he is an expert on it,is JOEL RICHARDSON.Or better than a debate,a discussion.
He believes the Antichrist will be the MUSLIM MAHDI.His website is "Joel's Trumpet".He has never been in a debate but he has been interviewed several times and is a calm speaker.He is an American,of mixed Polish-Portuguese ancestry(his name is a pseudonym)and he can easily pass as an Iranian or Arab in appearence.Ask him about it.